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Off-Road Form & Function

Jim Norton Toyota offers a superior off-road accessory package for the FJ Cruiser and Tacoma.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Automotive | Issue: February 2007

Jim Norton Off-Road Crawler packages will enhance the driveability of your truck or SUV.

Toyota quality leaves little room for improvement. Available customization takes that quality to a new level.

The recently unveiled FJ Cruiser adds to the list of exceptional Toyota vehicles. This SUV has a rugged, off-road appearance straight from the factory.

Since its early 2006 release the FJ has been gaining attention on and off the road. Fully capable, as delivered, it can now be outfitted with additional trail proven products.

Jim Norton Toyota features this outstanding vehicle in a new, trail-ready model. The JN Off-Road Crawler package upgrades the appearance and durability.

This FJ is ready for most any off-road adventure.

Customization begins from the ground up. An upgraded suspension, new front strut assemblies, rear shocks, and lift package highlights the off-road appearance while strengthening load capacity.

A heavy duty bull-bar adds muscle to the front end. This accessory is air bag compatible and is designed to accommodate a front winch system should owners desire to increase its rugged use.

Adding to the basic package are four durable tires. Fitted dimension tires come in various tread patterns and are mounted onto custom alloy wheels.

These ground ready accessories handle every day road use as capably as the off-road trail. And there’s more available.

Ultimate package options continue. Add a winch to the outfitted front bumper for those moments when vehicle rescue and/or recovery are necessary.

Top and front end lighting features are a popular accessory. KC Highlighter fog lights are mounted in the front bull-bar. You can add a roof mounted light bar with five lights to increase visability during your off-road adventure.

How about an engine upgrade. Add a cat-back exhaust system and high flow intake to increase performance and improve fuel economy.

Drivability is not hindered when package accessorizing the FJ. You will discover new performance quality as you are confidently discovering new driving venues.

From the outside in, the JN Off-Road Crawler package lets you drive in capable style. Once inside, behind the wheel, you will experience the thrill of driving the Toyota SUV.

Step up and into the vehicle more easily. The Crawler accessory package includes appearance enhancing side steps into the command center and passenger compartment.

Truly ultimate driving options accompany Toyota FJ ownership. From the daily commute, to regular family transportation, to the weekend off-road or wherever it takes you, this durable, stylish vehicle is ready to go.

The JN Off-Road Crawler accessory package adds to its capability. Toyota Dealers are prepared to offer warranty coverage on package items, increasing the value to you.

Toyota vehicles are known for their quality. Jim Norton Toyota backs them with the same brand of sales, service, and accessories.

The FJ Cruiser and Tacoma are available and capable as is. Why not make it fully capable on and off road with a JN Off-Road Crawler package now available exclusively through Jim Norton Toyota?

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