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Owasso Nutrition Plus offers clients education and advice about nutritional supplements.

By: Susan Erler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: July 2013

Rosa Brown, personal fitness trainer and instructor will help you understand which nutritional products will help you look and feel your best.

Rosa Brown, personal fitness trainer and instructor will help you understand which nutritional products will help you look and feel your best.

Doesn’t it seem as though there is a pill or a quick fix for anything you desire these days? This is especially true when it comes to the weight loss and the fitness industry. All you need to do is turn on the television to see ads and commercials filled with “magic” remedies. If they actually worked, why are we still a nation of overweight, undernourished, and lethargic citizens?

     Ask any true fitness expert and they will offer the same advice. Exercise more, get your nutrition in balance, feed your body with the proper nutrients, and prepare to be amazed at how great you look and feel.

    Owasso is home to one of the very best when it comes to educating clients on the proper way to incorporate nutritional products into a life style for maximum benefits, and the best part is the cost of their products are far less than most of the big chain, “discount” stores. Adana Gittelman, owner of Fit For Her,  located at 9500 N. 129th E Ave, Suite 300, in Owasso, ­realized a year ago that many of her clients were turning to other sources when it came to weight loss products or nutritional ­supplements.

    “It was frustrating to my customers and frustrating to me because most of the advice they received at these stores was coming from employees who were not educated in the products they carried and didn’t really understand how to utilize them in a proper combination in order to achieve amazing results.” Many would come to her facility and ask for advice but usually after they had already spent a large amount of money on products that just would not work.

     She and her husband Jason decided to utilize their background in the fitness world. They decided to open Owasso Nutrition Plus, selling the very best products out there at a ­significantly reduced cost. Since they began selling nutritionals, that side of their business has flourished. “Now, almost 25% of our daily revenue comes from our nutrition store,” explains Adana. “We always knew our clients were yearning for good products and for advice they could rely on. I mean, if we don’t guide them towards results, we know it! We see our customers several times a week so they would have let us know if our nutrition plan was not working! The sales numbers just prove it!”

    Price is one metric that sets them apart from the other supplement stores, and they hears positive comments every day. “We hear from so many people that we are the lowest price on the the products we sell and if someone finds a cheaper price, we will meet or beat it. We are committed to being the best source for the products everyone wants,” said Adana.

    But the biggest difference is still customer service. Owasso Nutrition Plus works hard each day educating clients and only recommending products that are necessary. They never try to over sell with extras that are not ­needed. It is this high level of integrity that makes customers trust them. “Integrity is everything to us,” states Jason. “We live what we preach and we always explain that even our products will only take them so far in achieving their fitness goals. At the end of the day, a healthy lifestyle including exercise, proper nutrition, rest, and a healthy balance is the best prescription to a long and healthy life.” We are adamant in letting people know that you won’t find a magic pill or shake or protein bar that can take the place of a healthy lifestyle. You can’t find that in a bottle. You have to put in some effort and make intelligent choices with your supplements and all of them work together to create your best life.

     Every product that you need can be found at Owasso Nutrition Plus. They have the very best in pre and post workout products, protein bars and shakes, drinks that naturally increase your energy and so much more. Stopping by for a visit is really the only way to see everything they offer. And while you are there, take advantage of their vast knowledge and know that your questions are answered by people who know what they are talking about. Even if you are currently ordering a particular product online, Adana is sure they can beat the price you are paying. “Just give us the ­opportunity to prove to you how serious we are about helping our community become healthier and happier”.

     Owasso Nutrition Plus is open Monday-Friday from 10am to 8pm; Saturday from 10-3; and closed on Sundays.

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Owasso Nutrition Plus

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Owasso Nutrition Plus

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Owasso Nutrition Plus

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