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Nu-Sound Hearing Aids Now Serves All of Oklahoma

Family values are the foundation of Nu-Sound.

By: Bliss Butler | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2007

Nu-Sound’s mobile hearing lab, testing facility and repair unit travels throughout Oklahoma for customer convenience.

Treating people like family is Nu-Sound’s motto. One new customer to Nu-Sound agrees wholeheartedly. Even though Miss Johnson did not purchase her hearing aids at Nu-Sound, a friend told her to take them to Nu-Sound’s mobile hearing aid lab, which was in Woodward that particular day. Miss Johnson’s hearing aids were repaired within the hour rather than in the two-week waiting period she was told by the company where she purchased her hearing aids. Because of Nu-Sound’s incredible service and dedication, that evening Miss Johnson was able to hear her granddaughter recite her wedding vows.

The mobile hearing aid lab was the brainchild of Wava Brians and her brother, Lew Davis. The parents of Wava and Lew were both from large families and grew up in eastern Oklahoma during the Depression. During their childhoods, Wava and Lew spent a lot of time around their grandparents and developed a strong rapport with seniors and a strong work ethic of honesty and reliability. Because of their strong family ties and their desire and commitment to help seniors, Wava and Lew believe in treating customers like family. And that is exactly what they do.

A few years ago, Nu-Sound received many phone calls from people unable to drive to Oklahoma City for hearing tests. As a result, Wava and Lew hatched a plan to put a high-tech lab and testing facility in a mobile unit. Lew said, “If we’re going to have a mobile unit, it has to be state-of-the-art.” The plan is now a reality. Nu-Sound has a lab, testing facility and repair unit that is mobile.

With the addition of this mobile hearing aid lab, Wava and Lew are better able to serve their extended customer family. One new family member can attest to that; Miss Johnson of Woodward would never have been able to experience the joy of her granddaughter’s wedding without Nu-Sound’s mobile hearing aid unit.

Wava Brians

In addition to its locations in Oklahoma City, Norman, Midwest City and Woodward, Nu-Sound now has four offices in northeastern Oklahoma. Customers can now enjoy two locations in Tulsa, one in Broken Arrow and one in Bartlesville. Call Nu-Sound today at (405) 755-6557 and find out when the mobile hearing aid lab will be in your town.

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(405) 755-6557
1 (888) 755-6557

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