Now Is the Time to Fix or Replace Your Roof

Large winter inventories mean good deals for consumers.

By: Jim Butcher | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: January 2015

Dun-Rite Roofing of Owasso brings quality work to any size project under the guidance of owner Jim Murr and his 35 years of experience in roofing construction.

Dun-Rite Roofing of Owasso brings quality work to any size project under the guidance of owner Jim Murr and his 35 years of experience in roofing construction.

Does your home need roof repairs, but you have been putting it off because of cost?  

Jim Murr, owner of Dun-Rite Roofing in Owasso, warns homeowners that if you wait until spring it may cost more. Why?

In business since 1992, Murr says manufacturers of roofing materials generally have large winter inventories and would like to reduce those levels now. In the spring, homeowners turn their attention to remodeling and buying new homes, and manufacturers want to begin increasing their inventories.

“Manufacturers and distributors lower prices to contractors during the winter, and then I can offer customers a more attractive deal,” Murr explains. “And that is why it would be good to investigate costs of a new roof or repairs now.”

If you do need a new roof or repairs, call the Dun-Rite Roofing office and get a free estimate at a competitive price. “I have two full crews available to handle nearly any size job, and several of my workers have been with me since I started the company 22 years ago,” he noted.

Expertise and stability are two key factors in choosing a roofing contractor. Murr brings 35 years of experience to his business, which translates into an experienced contractor who can provide quality you need to keep the family safe from the weather.   

Two more important factors are proper licensing and a great business reputation. Murr warns that “too often after a severe storm with damaging hail and high winds, a community will be inundated with ‘roofing contractors’ whose office is the back of a dilapidated pickup. Dun-Rite Roofing maintains all required licensing.”

He also recommends potential customers ask for and check out references. “A large part of our business comes from referrals, and that only comes from doing outstanding work. We work hard to maintain a very good reputation,” he said.

Another critical area is insurance coverage, worker’s compensation and liability. Murr urges potential customers not to be bashful. “It’s your home and your money. Make sure a roofer has all necessary coverage.”

Aiming to please, Dun-Rite Roofing specializes in various styles of roofing repair and installation. Murr’s Owasso-based company brings multiple styles of roofing to customers all over Oklahoma. From composition slate tile shingles to architectural shingles, the experienced roofers at Dun-Rite are excited to be able to provide a variety of roofing materials to businesses and homeowners that will be the icing on the cake of their structure, in just the right flavor.

And one of the more popular flavors of roofs is metal. Today’s metal roofing systems offer unprecedented choice in style, color and profile, and almost any home can be accented with a modern metal roof; however, there are pros and cons, and Murr will discuss those if a business or homeowner is interested.

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