No Dust, No Mess

Gleam Guard’s wood refinishing process offers an alternative to improve your cabinetry.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2007

Tracy Booth, owner of Gleam Guard, displays a few of his treated wood products.

Have your kitchen cabinets seen better days? If your woodwork is nicked, scratched, peeling or flaking, Gleam Guard offers its breakthrough technology to save them.

Tracy Booth wanted to invent a wood refinishing process that was easy to maintain and did not need to be oiled. In 1988, he finally developed the breakthrough process to refinish cabinets and interior woodwork. “It will change the look of your cabinets,” Tracy says. “It will restore them to new without dust and without a mess. It’s unheard of in the remodeling industry.”

A Tulsa resident since 1985, Tracy has been working in the home service business for 32 years. From his experience, he has become an expert on wood care. “I grew up on a farm,” Tracy says. “I know the value of oiling wood. We dumped gallons of linseed oil on our grain truck floor. It had a wood floor and metal walls. Twenty years later, the wood floor was in great condition, but the walls were rusted out.”

But oiling wood is not always the right thing to do, Tracy warns. “Don’t oil your wood just because your dad or grandpa did. They oiled because they didn’t have sealant. When you oil wood with a finish, the oil sits on top of the varnish, leaves a residue, and collects dust. I believe in oiling the wood, but I don’t believe in oiling the lacquer.”

The versatile Gleam Guard process can be put on top of paint, stain or basically any finish. “It really makes the grain of the wood come out,” Tracy says. “Your cabinets will look better than they ever have, and you’ll never have to use oil or wood oil soaps ever again.” Cabinets that have been refinished with Gleam Guard’s help are easy to take care of after treatment and require no maintenance. Tracy assures home and business owners that they will be more than satisfied with his procedure.

Gleam Guard is a simple, low-stress option for taking care of wood. Tracy has also made shopping for refinishing woodwork an easy process. “Many of our clients think they have to prepare before we do the work because there’s going to be a mess,” he says. “However, this is not the case. There’s no sanding and no opportunity for mess.” Shocking to most clients is that Gleam Guard can be applied to their wood in only one or two days.

Although Tracy gets the job done right the first time, he still offers a free, five-year plan for touch-ups. “Some companies get complaints and then fix those problems,” Tracy mentions. “That’s great. But in nineteen years, I’ve never had a complaint.” Gleam Guard is recognized by the Better Business Bureau every year for its customer satisfaction and for not having any complaints. “We do the job right to begin with,” Tracy continues. “We’re not just fixing problems.”

Call the Better Business Bureau and ask about Gleam Guard to get an idea of the company’s character. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Home Builders Association and the Remodelers Council, Gleam Guard respects its customers and aims to give the best service possible.

If you are ready for some breakthrough technology, visit the Gleam Guard booth in Woodland Hills Mall. Located next to the food court, Tracy has an area set up for customers to see what Gleam Guard can do for their woodwork. Pick up some information and see before-and-after displays. Also check out the display at Washington Park Mall in Bartlesville. Call Tracy today at (918) 455-4211 for a free estimate and a demo. Discover how Gleam Guard can change the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. The company can also be visited online at

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