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The Jeffries family business is passing on savings to your family.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Retail | Issue: November 2014

Mike Jeffries, with sons Beau and Austin.

Mike Jeffries, with sons Beau and Austin.

With the holiday season just around the corner, chances are good you are on the lookout for ways to stretch every dollar in your wallet. Thankfully, Mike’s Liquidation Outlet specializes in helping you make the most of your money.

“We are unique – we sell new merchandise and appeal to anybody who wants to save money,” says Mike Jeffries, owner. “This is a niche market – we’re not a flea market and we aren’t exactly a department store. We’re somewhere in between.” With an outlet in Sapulpa and two in Tulsa, customers are catching on to the deals – and reaping the benefits of big discounts backed by the promise of quality.

“You can’t go to a flea market and expect a guarantee on anything you buy,” Mike explains. “With us, you can trust that what you purchase is going to work. We test
everything before it goes out on the floor.”

The store employs a team of processors whose job is to sift through daily shipments of merchandise, verify the goods are intact and in working order, then search for the original retail price. From there, a simple formula is applied to come up with a discounted price to put on the label before the merchandise hits the shelves.

Mike explains, “If the original price is $151 and up, we take 40 percent off. If the item was originally $150 and below, it’s going to be 50 percent off.” It’s that simple.

Because Mike’s Liquidation purchases large quantities of merchandise, the store is able to pass on deep discounts to customers. The majority of the inventory comes from major retailers – big box and department stores everyone is familiar with – and is usually overstocked goods or returned merchandise. Inventory includes a wide spectrum of items, everything from electronics to clothes, cleaning supplies, furniture and snacks. On any given day, customers can find a bunk bed, gun safe, popular video games, shoes or cell phone accessories. Need to replace your smartphone case? Chances are good Mike’s Liquidation will have a match – at much less than your previous one cost you.

Virtually all of the items that line shelves and floor space at Mike’s Liquidation are brand new. Occasionally, though, an item may have a scratch, or a piece may be missing. For example, a set of a dozen screwdrivers may lack one flathead. But, at half off, anyone looking to replenish their toolbox will gladly overlook such a trivial detail.

“If there is a chip in the paint or a missing cord, we note it on the label,” explains Mike’s son and Mike’s Liquidation co-owner Beau Jeffries. “We make sure we are putting out good merchandise and always let you know if something is missing,” he says.

With a 30-day return policy, customers can rest assured that their hard-earned money will always fetch the best deals around with no risk. “We want only quality merchandise out on our shelves, and if it turns out we overlooked a defect or something doesn’t work properly, we want to make it right.”

The Jeffries family runs three stores in the area.
Inventory changes daily, so drop by often to scoop the best deals or keep up with them on Facebook.

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