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New Location for Permanent Makeup Solutions

Leslie McLaughlin of Beautiful Always has a new location to offer permanent makeup solutions to everyday application problems.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: November 2010

Leslie McLaughlin of Beautiful Always provides permanent makeup at a new location with Bryan Lucenta, M.D.

Leslie McLaughlin of Beautiful Always provides permanent makeup at a new location with Bryan Lucenta, M.D.

Leslie McLaughlin of Beautiful Always has a new location to offer permanent makeup solutions to everyday application problems. The Oklahoma-licensed micropigmentologist has teamed with Dr. Bryan Lucenta in the Southcrest Hospital Surgery Center/Physicians Building at 8803 S. 101st E. Ave., Suite 383.

More and more ladies are turning to permanent makeup to save time and fussing, while enjoying effortless beauty 24 hours a day. Eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color and lip liner look perfect from the moment they wake up. Even after perspiring heavily or swimming, no reapplication is necessary. “One lady will be dealing with uneven, smeary makeup and she will see someone with permanent makeup who looks fabulous. That’s all it takes,” says Leslie.

The former high school art teacher knows first hand what a chore makeup can be. She recalls the days when she would hope for stop lights on her way to school so she could apply eyeliner and lip liner. Ladies with sparse or no eyebrows, due to chemotherapy treatments, say Leslie has saved them an hour that they used to spend each morning outlining and then trying to fill in their brows as evenly as possible. Others with arthritis, paralysis or visual limitations also enjoy perfectly applied makeup – some for the first time in many years.

The true artist in Leslie, whose work is recognized in local museums, comes out when she carefully matches colors that are right for each individual. Sometimes she duplicates a client’s favorite makeup or natural skin tone, or she camouflages a scar that resulted from surgery, a dog bite or an injury.

In keeping up with all the latest state-of-the-art technology and techniques, she has even had advanced training in working with ethnic skin tones. This special interest grew out of her mission trips around the world and her desire to help others look and feel beautiful always.
Men seek Leslie’s skill and artistry to compensate for hair loss or to draw in hairs with transplants. She also does tattoo removals for what she calls “regrets” – names of forever loves that did not last. 

Leslie takes the time to listen to each client’s needs and to honestly and professionally answer all questions. She explains the procedure every step of the way and takes before and after photos so each client can compare the difference in appearance. All of her new work comes with free touch-ups for up to one year.

One question that always comes up is whether permanent makeup application is safe. When done correctly, Leslie says, the procedure is safe, simple and lasts for years. She goes on to explain that in Oklahoma, a micropigmentologist must be licensed and work in a practicing M.D., D.O. or D.D.S. office. She warns that permanent makeup applied under an ophthalmologist, in a beauty salon, in a spa or in a residence is illegal in Oklahoma – and may not be safe. Many people have come to her for corrective procedures after bad experiences.

Her affiliate, Dr. Bryan Lucenta, is a medical doctor with board certification in cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, interventional cardiology and cardiovascular CT.

There is no need to spend precious time applying makeup that may or may not look good. Permanent makeup can be beautiful always for holiday events or winter vacations. Leslie’s new location is conveniently located at Southcrest Hospital at 91st Street and Highway 169. Drive past the emergency entrance at Southcrest and around the building to the east side. A large sign in front of a long canopy marks the Surgery Center/Physician’s Building. Leslie’s work area is in Dr. Lucenta’s office in Suite 383. Valet parking is available free of charge. To find out more about looking beautiful always, call Leslie McLaughlin at (918) 693-4648.

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