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New Knee, New Life

Dr. LaButti is fellowship trained and has performed thousands of knee and hip replacements.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: December 2010

Michael Heiderscheit of Pryor is happy to share his success story on receiving a total knee replacement from Dr. LaButti.

Michael Heiderscheit of Pryor is happy to share his success story on receiving a total knee replacement from Dr. LaButti.

Michael Heiderscheit of Pryor, Oklahoma has experienced his knee locking up for about 30 years. “I used to play a lot of baseball, and broke my ankle several times. I think that accelerated my knee pain,” says Michael. His working life also contributed to his knee problems. He started out as an auto mechanic, and has always repaired his own cars – work that requires a lot of time bending your knees. Michael’s livelihood also included 12-hour shifts at a paper plant, standing on hard cement. “I’ve always been on my feet, kneeling down to work on cars, getting up and down on forklifts, and standing for long periods of time.”

Michael’s knee pain continually worsened over the years, and having a bad knee caused a lot of frustrations in his life. “I got to the point where I couldn’t walk or do things around my house. I had a limp, and once I even fell flat on my face. I finally decided I had to do something.”

Michael’s doctor in Pryor referred him to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ronald S. LaButti of Central States Orthopedic Specialists in Tulsa. At first, Dr. LaButti gave Michael a prescription for the pain. But the medication was not enough: a total knee replacement was necessary. Before he went through with having the operation, Michael researched Dr. LaButti and enlisted his brother, who is in the medical field, to help. They were impressed with what they found: Dr. LaButti is fellowship trained and has performed thousands of knee and hip replacements. “I also enjoyed visiting with Dr. LaButti. He is all-business, but you can tell he likes to have fun outside of work. When it comes to your health, though, he is no nonsense – I like that.”  

Dr. LaButti performed Michael’s surgery on June 24, 2010. Michael laughs about how he has convinced his youngest grandkids that the surgery was done with a giant axe, but in reality the operation went well. “I consider what I had a perfect surgery. Now I can do anything I want, with a lot less hurting. I wish I had done this ten years ago.”

Michael attributes a lot of his success to following the doctor’s orders. About a week before the surgery, Michael went to his pre-operative appointment. Dr. LaButti explained that because cuts on the area can lead to infection, he would not perform the surgery if he saw even one cut on Michael’s leg. “That same week, the alternator went out on my car. I could have fixed the problem on my own for a whole lot less than I spent, but I wasn’t going to risk getting a cut from working on the car. I made sure to do everything Dr. LaButti asked of me.”  

Since his total knee replacement, Michael has had no difficulty doing everyday activities like walking and working around the house. “I like doing home improvement and woodworking, and I can finally do it without pain.”

Spending time with the family is another part of life he can now truly enjoy. He and his wife Melinda have three daughters and five grandchildren – three boys and two girls. “My oldest granddaughter always wanted to go fishing with me, but I wasn’t able to before the surgery. Recently I won a fishing pole in a local contest, and I told her she’d finally get to go fishing with grandpa,” he says with a big smile.

Having a total knee replacement completely changed Michael Heiderscheit’s life. “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I wish I had done this ten years ago.” To learn more about orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ronald LaButti, visit

For more information, contact

Dr. Ronald S. LaButti

Central State, Orthopedic Specialists

6585 S. Yale, Ste. 200Tulsa, OK 74136(918)

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