New Buy Bixby Campaign

The Bixby Chamber of Commerce and the City of Bixby are collaborating to hold the First Annual Buy Bixby Campaign.

By: Lisa Navrkal | Category: Special Interest | Issue: November 2007

Lisa Navrkal and Trish Richey are planning for Buy Bixby.

The Bixby Chamber of Commerce and the City of Bixby are collaborating to hold the First Annual Buy Bixby Campaign.  Merchants will offer the chance for one of their customers to win $10,000.  Set to begin Monday, November 12, and run through Sunday, December 16, the event is a Bixby tradition in the making.

The campaign is simple and is designed for participation by all businesses in Bixby.  Upon signing up, retail businesses and restaurants will each receive 2,000 tickets, window posters, campaign buttons for the sales staff, as well as their business name on all event advertisements and promotions.  At the start of the campaign, one ticket will be distributed to every patron for just visiting a Buy Bixby participant.  Additionally, shoppers can earn one ticket for every $10 they spend at that business.  Service-oriented participants may distribute tickets according to their business operations.  For example, a bank may give someone a ticket for depositing funds, while an insurance company could give away a certain number of tickets for signing a new or renewed policy.

Buy Bixby was designed to provide cost effective advertising and marketing exposure for businesses in the Bixby city limits.  “This campaign is designed to help increase public awareness of our Bixby merchants and increase customer traffic flow to their businesses,” says Lisa Navrkal, president of the Bixby Chamber of Commerce.  “The city and the chamber are excited about the possibilities this program offers Bixby merchants.  From the money generated by participants registering, the campaign will, in turn, work for Bixby.  More money for services, public safety and roads in our community will be available.”  Through Buy Bixby, exposure will be brought to Bixby merchants, and a growing appreciation of local flavor will be combined with the excitement of a cash giveaway.  

The Buy Bixby campaign will culminate December 17 with a drawing for $10,000.  Unused tickets will be returned to the Bixby Chamber of Commerce by noon, and the grand prize drawing will be held at Citizens Bank, located at 148th and Memorial, during a live remote broadcast on Mix 96. The live remote will be held from 5 to 7 p.m., and the winner will be announced at 6 p.m. The drawing will be a lottery-style draw. Accordingly, the winning ticket number and the name of the business from which the ticket was distributed will be released to the media.  The winning ticket holder need not be present to win, but he or she must claim the grand prize within three days of the drawing.  If a winner has not yet come forth after three days, a new ticket will be drawn.

For more information regarding the First Annual Buy Bixby Campaign, contact Navrkal at the Bixby Chamber of Commerce at (918) 366-9445 or the City of Bixby’s Trish Richey, economic development director, at (918) 366-0444.  A fun event for people age 18 and up, the event will add some extra excitement to holiday shopping this year.  Do not miss out on the fun!  “Shop ‘til you drop” for more chances to win $10,000.

For more inform­­ation, contact

Lisa Navrkal

Bixby Chamber of Commerce
(918) 366-9445

Trish Richey

City of Bixby
(918) 366-0444

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