Never Worry About Cleaning Your Gutters

Owner of Rain-Flow Systems, Inc., Chris Mussman, offers the solution to cleaning your gutters with his company’s guttering systems and Leaf Shield™ guttering product.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: April 2011

Cleaning the gutters is one of the most dreaded and dangerous household chores.

Cleaning the gutters is one of the most dreaded and dangerous household chores.

What is the most awful household chore you can think of? To most people, it’s worse than scrubbing floors, washing dirty dishes, taking out the trash, and cleaning the bathroom – combined. Yes, it is the filthy, dreaded, and often dangerous task of cleaning the gutters. Now, imagine if you never had to worry about cleaning your gutters ever again. Chris Mussman, owner of Rain-Flow Systems, Inc., offers the solution with his company’s guttering systems and Leaf Shield™ guttering product.

“Cleaning out the gutters is a chore everyone hates doing. Most of the time people realize it needs to be done is when it’s raining, so they plan to do it the next sunny day. But no one wants to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon cleaning gutters – they want to be playing golf!” says Chris. “For one thing, it’s a gross job. Wet leaves sit in the gutters, causing a really bad smell and attracting ants and larvae. Another frustrating thing is that 80 percent of homes are not on level terrain, so positioning and climbing the ladder is a big headache, and it can be very dangerous.”

Give Rain-Flow Systems a call, and you will never have to worry about doing the worst household chore ever again. “Our customers have three main concerns when purchasing guttering or gutter protection products: price, appearance and warranty coverage,” says Chris. “When a customer purchases a Rain-Flow guttering system or the Leaf Shield gutter protection product, they are getting the very best products available at a reasonable price, guaranteed.”

Rain-Flow has served Tulsa since 1970, and Chris Mussman has owned the company since 2005. He says that Rain-Flow has set the standard for seamless aluminum and copper guttering in the Tulsa area by providing the highest quality products and installation at an affordable cost, while remaining committed to a superior level of customer service and satisfaction.  

Leaf Shield is a solid aluminum cap that installs directly to existing gutters. The product features a unique design that is based on the scientific principle of liquid adhesion. As water flows over the Leaf Shield, the molecular attraction between metal and water causes the water to cling to the surface and follow the bends around the nose of the Leaf Shield, permitting water to drain into the gutters while leaves, pine needles and other debris fall to the ground.

Leaf Shield is constructed of .027 or .032 heavy gauge solid aluminum, thicker than other leading brands, according to Mussman. “It’s the heaviest gauge product on the market.” Leaf Shield is available in 35 colors, including copper, to match any roof and guttering combination. Leaf Shield installs on shingles, wood shakes, slate, tile and metal roofs. While most competitive products install under the second row of shingles, Leaf Shield installs under the first row of shingles, or it can be mounted to wood fascia. This translates to less product being visible from ground level. The product works with any roof pitch, and its one-piece end cap is designed to keep out birds and squirrels. It has been tested to handle up to 11 inches of rainfall per hour. And best of all, Leaf Shield is installed with a Lifetime Gutter Protection Warranty.  

According to Chris, Leaf Shield will save you money by preventing rotting leaves, interior mold and mildew, water damage to insulation, eroded landscaping, flooded basements, and ice dams in gutters. In short, Leaf Shield protects your biggest investment: your home.

After each rain, most of us dread bringing out the ladder to clean the gutters and face the smell of rotting leaves and whatever else we may find.

Call Rain-Flow Systems today to see their running water display demonstrating how Leaf Shield can work on your home. Estimates are free.

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