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By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: August 2012

Doug Cole, his wife Holly, and son Joshua. (Not pictured, son Jonathan.)

Doug Cole, his wife Holly, and son Joshua. (Not pictured, son Jonathan.)

Cole’s Quality Construction does jobs of all kinds and sizes, whether you’re looking into remodeling, new construction, or an addition for a residential or a commercial property.

“Where a lot of contractors will only do parts of jobs, we do entire projects from start to finish,” says Doug Cole, co-owner of Cole’s Quality Construction along with his wife, Holly. “We do pretty much anything you can think of on a house – we build new homes from the ground up, as well as garages, patios, decks, pergolas and chimneys. We do remodeling, additions, windows, siding, bathrooms, kitchens, roofing, painting, flooring, ­carpentry, doors, small repairs, large repairs, vanities, brick work, trim work, and gutters.”

Doug Cole has been in ­construction for 22 years, and has been in business for himself for 13. With the exception of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work (for which he uses licensed and insured subcontractors), Cole is personally involved in all the work on every job. “I enjoy construction and being creative,” he says. “Sometimes customers aren’t exactly sure what they want when they get started on a job, and I’m happy to sit down with them and draw up the job to give them the best fit for what they need, whether it’s color charts, stain charts, wood types, or whatever else.”

Cole makes it a point to keep every customer in the loop throughout each job. “We work with the customer through the entire process,” he says. “Communication is important, as is making sure the customer stays involved. I’m always available if a customer needs to reach me. And we always clean our job sites daily. It’s your home – you’re the one who lives there every day, and we respect that.”

Cole also emphasizes ­customer flexibility. “Some ­customers, including many in the military who get discounts at certain home improvement stores, like to buy the materials themselves and have us do the labor, and that’s fine with us – we’ll work with you however you want to do the job. We’re also happy to break down our estimates however the customer wants.

“We work to keep prices down, and our prices are ­reasonable,” he continues. “We’re thorough in our ­contracts, and we’re honest and up-front about our costs. I make it a point to always talk to every customer and get their approval before we do any extra work – we’re always as transparent as possible.”

No job is too big or too small, says Cole. “We’ve replaced just a doorknob, and we’ve added 25,000 square feet to a church. We’ll give you a free ­estimate, and we’ll be open and honest about whether we’re the right company for the job.”

Cole’s Quality Construction is licensed and insured, and ­references are available upon request. For more information, to ask a question, or to schedule a free estimate, you’re welcome to give them a call or email them.

“When storms in life come, it doesn’t always have to be a total loss – you can always rebuild,” says Cole. “We have a good, strong foundation of ­family values, and we can help you rebuild.”

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