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Mystery Shopper Says Life Is Better in the Quick Lane

Do you dread going to get your oil changed?

By: The Mystery Shopper | Category: Automotive | Issue: June 2009

“Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center exceeded my expectations,” says The Mystery Shopper.

Do you dread going to get your oil changed? I know that around our house, it’s one of the least favorite errands. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in waiting rooms that are less than pristine, then inevitably hear the “Your car is going to fall apart if you don’t do such-and-such…” speech. After I tell them I’ll talk it over with the other half and let them know, they give me the look like I’m risking my life driving my car off the lot.

So when I was recently asked to serve as a mystery shopper for Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center, I was a bit skeptical. The ads claim that “Life is better in the Quick Lane” and actually, it is.

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center is located behind Bob Hurley Ford at I-44 and the Arkansas River. It is easy to find and a short highway jaunt from almost anywhere in Tulsa. I was greeted as soon as I entered the door. Had I been a previous customer, the process of having my vehicle’s information entered into the computer would have been even quicker – which was already quick as it was. John handed my information off to Randy, the service advisor, and invited me to have a seat in the clean, comfortable waiting room.

There was an area with a news program playing on the television where a couple of gentlemen sat visiting, another area with a desk surface and copy machine/fax so that you could spread out your work and take advantage of the time, and another small, quiet area where another customer sat reading. Everything, including the restrooms, was clean and well-maintained, and I could watch my vehicle being serviced through the large glass windows that looked out onto the modern service bays.

Although the shop was busy on the day I was there, I didn’t have to wait long to get my vehicle in, and it was finished in about 45 minutes. The service advisor, Randy Pierce, came out and gave me a Vehicle Check-Up form that showed which items had been checked and marked okay, which items may require attention in the future, and which items required immediate attention. We went over the list, which included lights/blades, filters, fluids, belts/hoses/mounts, battery, brake system, steering and suspension, exhaust system, and tire and break wear.

My car had a few things he mentioned that might need some future attention, and he suggested a transmission fluid flush and explained the procedure and cost. The really nice thing about Quick Lane was that while the suggestion was made for further service, there was absolutely no pressure to “take care of it today.” It made me actually want to come back there to have the suggested service done. I appreciated that I received a written estimate and a clear explanation of why something might need to be repaired.

There were also no surprises at the checkout counter. Randy showed me the bill, explaining what I paid in labor, parts, shop supplies and tax, and it equaled what I was originally told.

It was really a pleasure to find a business where old-fashioned customer service still exists. If you appreciate a clean, professional atmosphere and honest information about your vehicle’s condition, give Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center a try. I was very happy with my experience! 

For more information, contact

Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

745 W. 51st St.
Tulsa, OK 74107
(918) 445-6088

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Quick Lane Tire & Automotive Center

For more information, contact:

Quick Lane Tire & Automotive Center

(918) 526-2345
9607 S. Memorial | Tulsa, OK 74133
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