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By: Tom Fink | Category: Professional Services | Issue: August 2022

A year after founding Midwest Pathogend Services – a leader in whole-space disinfection and decontamination services – Midwest Pathogend Services decided to bring its specialized brand of cleaning services to residential spaces.

“We’ve been doing high-end disinfection for the past year – hotels, businesses, schools, and other large spaces, etc., but throughout the pandemic, more and more people started reaching out to us – residences – to ask if we did ‘cleaning-type’ services,” says Chuck Peeples. “That seemed like a natural progression for us, so we created an offshoot of the main company, creating a new business, MWP (Midwest Pathogend) Cleaning Services.”

Chris Schultheis, who had spent the last 20 years in the healthcare industry and Life Sciences area learned three years ago about a then-newly developed technology developed by a microbiologist, which, combined with a seven percent Hydrogen Peroxide fogging formula called CURoxide provided his customers the most comprehensive decontamination possible.

As MWP owners, Schultheis and Peeples retain the same knowledge base, thoroughness, and professionalism previously utilized at Midwest Pathogend in the residential market, while expanding their services offered to best serve their new customers.

“Whether it’s move-ins and move-outs, routine cleaning, post-construction cleaning, we offer a wide variety of residential cleaning services for most spaces,” he said.

“Several of our employees – we have six in all, at this point – come from a housekeeping or janitorial background,” Peeples added. “For example, our senior technician and residential lead is a woman named Jessica Steadman, who already worked for us (at Midwest Pathogend), but who also had a background in house cleaning, so she has experience in both sides of the business.

“For residential customers, we offer both disinfection or cleaning (services), or both, depending on the level of services requested. Should someone want both (disinfection and cleaning), we’ll go in and take care of the cleaning first then wait a day or two and follow it up with the disinfection process. It’s possible that it would be the same crew handling both jobs, but they’re two completely different processes, which is important to understand.”

Services provided in a routine cleaning include the vacuuming and washing of hard surface floors, dusting items on furniture and lampshades, vacuuming, edging and grooming carpets, wet-wiping ceiling fans (if accessible), hanging light fixtures, and vents, cleaning the interior and exterior of toilets, cleaning mirrors, glass in picture frames, and other glass surfaces, wet-wiping doors, door frames, doorknobs, and light switch plates, and cleaning household appliances, such as stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

Additional services may be added to a routine cleaning in the form of interior and exterior window cleaning, linen change, and outdoor space cleaning, including porches, patios, etc.

MWP Cleaning Services is a member of the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, and its employees are certified through the HCT (House Cleaning Technician) training and certification program.

Peeples said that the quality of employees is what makes the difference with MWP.

“Our people understand the difference between true cleaning and true disinfection,” he said. “Because of the Midwest Pathogend training, they know what products obtain a clean surface versus what products that might make a surface appear clean but leave behind a residue that could be a breeding ground for germs. There’s a difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection – a real difference, and our staff understand this.”

For more information or a quote about residential services, visit or call (918)984-3588.

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