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Wherever Cecilie Croissant goes, the sweet sound of music goes.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Special Interest | Issue: May 2008

Cecilie Croissant’s True Worshiper Seminar provides help for any church’s music ministry.

Wherever Cecilie Croissant goes, the sweet sound of music goes. Cecilie conducts the True Worshiper Seminar, a program that assists churches with their music ministry.

Cecilie works directly with the people who lead the worship through music. She explains that church music can either be inviting or it can distract people. Music that flows as one with the service draws worshipers, whereas the wrong style of music or awkward transitions can divert people’s attention.

Cecilie addresses such concerns in her music workshops. Not every church is the same, nor is every seminar. Depending on the church’s needs, she will do a one- or two-day seminar onsite.

Sometimes a church requires musical development from the ground up. Sometimes it needs to upgrade a music team’s sound and ministry. Most of the time, the worship team is simply in a rut and needs minor adjustments.  “We often get comfortable with the way we do things, and we need help recognizing the importance of growth and change,” she explains.

Cecilie is a hands-on consultant who works with each member’s performance and presentation. Technical skill is only part of the equation, she says. Each person in a worship team must seamlessly connect with everyone else in order to form a cohesive musical team. Cecilie adds, “They also need to work with the pastor, to create a church that bonds completely and gets the congregation involved.”  

In the True Worshiper Seminar, she covers topics including team dynamics and how one member relates to another. She also addresses instrumental and vocal arrangements, choir leading, writing original music, compiling effective song sets, and hands-on mentoring in worship leading and platform ministry.

An area church recently asked Cecilie for help in transitioning from soundtrack to live music. The change was quick and smooth with the help of her workshop.

Music and ministry have always been Cecilie’s passions. The Norway native began playing classical piano at the age of six.  She studied music at the University of Oslo, and then traveled to the United States to attend Bible school.   

Cecilie says that pastors call her from all over the country from various denominations. She not only understands music, but people as well. For example, Cecilie says she is able to bring together a creative musician with a logical-thinking pastor to create a harmonious result.

For more than 20 years, Cecilie has worked with people from all walks of life. The self-described “perpetual learner” can relate to people and look at situations from all perspectives. Serving in most key roles of the church has helped Cecilie understand different needs and viewpoints. She has served as church founder, pastor, speaker, teacher, worship leader, performing artist and recording artist. She has also authored or co-authored six books. Cecilie and her husband, the Rev. John Croissant, have ministered in churches, conferences and on missions in 35 nations.

The True Worshiper Seminar can be conducted at any local church within the surrounding states. Cecilie works with the church’s musicians, but she can bring an ensemble upon request. Student musicians are available from the School of Worship at Victory Bible Institute, which is part of a 17,000-member worldwide Bible church where she heads a comprehensive two-year program of music ministry.

For more information on the True Worshiper Seminar, call Cecilie at 510-4251, or reach her at Victory Bible Institute at 491-7612. You can visit her website at

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