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Steve and Paula Dibbins co-own two Fitness Together studios in Owasso and Bartlesville,

By: Ashley Connor | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: July 2010

Husband and wife personal trainers Steve and Paula Dibbins ­competed as amateurs in the Battle of the Bodies exhibition in Tulsa.

Husband and wife personal trainers Steve and Paula Dibbins ­competed as amateurs in the Battle of the Bodies exhibition in Tulsa.

Steve Dibbins of Owasso is a certified personal trainer who coaches clients daily on how to lose weight, get in shape and lead a healthy life. But right now, he confesses that he cannot wait to have a slice of pizza with his wife.

That’s because Steve and Paula Dibbins, also a certified personal trainer, who co-own two Fitness Together studios in Owasso and Bartlesville, have been training for their very first body building contest. And no “cheat foods” were allowed leading up to the competition.  

On May 8, Steve and Paula competed as amateurs in the “Battle of the Bodies” exhibition at the Thoreau Academy in Tulsa. And the audience had a special rooting section – the many clients Steve and Paula push through regular workouts who have been inspired to see the trainers become the trainees.  

For 16 weeks prior to the competition, Steve and Paula, both in their mid-40s, were living a fitness extreme. Their day job involves helping a majority of clients get trim and slim, but their personal intensity has been bulking up the muscle. A balanced diet, multiple cardio workouts and heavy weightlifting on a daily basis have propelled them into incredible shape. They eat seven meals a day, they cook all of their own food, they stagger their workouts in between training their clients, and they run two studios. The way they encourage their Fitness Together customers is how Steve and Paula have been led by their own coaches: professional body builder Michael Elias and his wife, professional figure and fitness competitor, Kendra.

“I have a new respect for what we ask of our clients in one-on-one personal training sessions at Fitness Together,” Steve explains. “My wife and I exercise regularly, but this is the toughest thing we’ve ever done. Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable.”

Unlike the muscle-bulging stereotypes, many certified personal trainers are very lean and thin. Steve, who grew up on tennis and towers 6 feet, 4 inches tall, is a perfect example. Paula, whose physique cannot possibly belong to a mother of three grown kids and one grandbaby, is just as energetic.

Nevertheless, the duo wanted to set a new goal, put themselves in a student role at something, and inspire their clients at the same time. They weren’t out to challenge Mr. Universe, but they got on track to be toned and cut, as the judges witnessed.  

Steve competed in the master’s division for men over 40 and the novice heavyweight division. Paula competed in the open and master’s bikini division. Bethany Little, a personal trainer who works for Steve and Paula at Fitness Together, competed in the figure division. And Jared Shelton, who is one of their former trainers, competed in the men’s open.

“Getting up on stage and posing in front of an audience was a little out of my comfort zone,” explains Steve. But that’s exactly the point. For the countless clients that have tried diets, joined gyms, been up and down on the scale and then walked into a Fitness Together studio and asked for his help, they are out of their comfort zone too.

To learn more about getting out of your comfort zone and changing your life for the better with Steve and Paula, give them a call  or stop by one of their studios today. 

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