Mother Nature’s Termite Elimination Secret

Mother Nature’s now has something better to protect your home from termites, it's the Sentricon HD Always-Baited System.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: March 2011

Mother Nature’s spokesperson Shelia Jean loads a ­Sentricon trap with the new HD ­Always-Baited formulation that is 2.5 times more ­effective at eliminating ­termite colonies than the original Sentricon system.

Mother Nature’s spokesperson Shelia Jean loads a ­Sentricon trap with the new HD ­Always-Baited formulation that is 2.5 times more ­effective at eliminating ­termite colonies than the original Sentricon system.

Termites are born with one mission in mind: to eat and never stop eating. And it doesn’t take them long to inflict severe damage to your home. Did you know that a queen might live for as long as 25 to 50 years? Although the original Sentricon System, available through Mother Nature’s of Tulsa, has been successfully used for years and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to kill termite colonies and protect your home from future termite infestations, there’s now something better. It’s Mother Nature’s Sentricon HD Always-Baited System.

Mother Nature’s has installed the original Sentricon System for thousands of homeowners in northeast Oklahoma to effectively protect their properties from termite infestation. But now, you will want to check out the even better solution. Not that the original system is no longer effective, because it continues to do its job. Here’s the difference. With the original Sentricon System, stations are planted around the home’s perimeter, and each station is loaded with a small plank of wood. During the routine six inspections per year made by Mother Nature’s technicians, whenever termites are found to be present in a station, the wood strip is removed and bait is inserted. Termites eat the bait and colony elimination begins. Kabang!  The whole colony is eliminated.

The new HD (High Density) Bait is permeated with a 2.5 times more active formulation than the original “recipe” and termites find it irresistible, liking it even more than wood. The new HD formulation has been seven years in the testing and is now being implemented by Mother Nature’s. Instead of baiting stations only when termites are found to be present, stations are now baited year-round.

Because every station is baited, termite colonies are eradicated much faster. The new HD formulation has been found to provide superior protection and is much longer lasting than the original. With the new system, your Mother Nature’s technician will be checking and baiting your traps annually rather than six times per year. And you’ll have even better, 365 days per year protection. You’ll now be paying Mother Nature’s for 24-hour HD bait protection rather than for visits to check the wood in the stations around your home.

The new HD Always Baited System has some unique benefits, including an ability to resist mold and mildew. Plus, it is ruggedly durable, even with northeastern Oklahoma’s extreme weather patterns.  

According to company spokesperson and advertising coordinator Shelia Jean, “Mother Nature’s is the largest Sentricon company in Oklahoma and was selected by manufacturer and developer Dow Agro Sciences to introduce the new HD product in Oklahoma. We’re proud of our company’s many accomplishments in our field of expertise and the fact that we are family owned and operated.” Shelia is a third generation Ahrend family member actively involved in the business.

Sentricon has been protecting most government buildings, national landmarks, and historical sites for years. It is installed at the White House, NASA, the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, The Alamo, Philbrook Museum, and the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Don’t wait until termites start swarming this spring. Contact Mother Nature’s now for more information about their new termite elimination system. If your home is currently protected by the Sentricon System, you can convert to the new HD Always-Baited System for a very modest one-time fee and have the assurance of year-round protection from termites.

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