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More Than a Real Estate Broker

Real Estate broker for over 30 years and still enjoying it!!

By: Christy Smith | Category: Real Estate | Issue: March 2007

“Alice Pridmore assisted us with the “staging” of our house in Sand Springs, so it would show to its best advantage. It sold in less than a month. She then found a home for us in Claremore that worked perfectly for our family. We were pleased with her guidance from beginning to end.” – Kathy and Jeff Hoppe

Many people think that helping people buying and selling houses is a lot of fun. “Well, it is, or I wouldn’t have been doing it for so many years,” says Alice Pridmore of Keller Williams Realty in Claremore. She started her real estate career in the beautiful city of St. Charles, Missouri, and within a year opened her own office. She was fascinated by the pride of ownership in the restoration of the old homes. In fact, she and her husband purchased one of the original homesteads on the Daniel Boone Trail. It was built in 1848 and was a sturdy two-story brick home with acreage. This led Alice to specialize in the sale of historic homes.

The economy had a down turn, so the Pridmores moved to Texas where it was booming. A few years later, the “oil bust” hit Texas, and the real estate business began failing, as well as the savings and loans. There were many foreclosures. Someone needed to assist these lenders in selling their properties, so Alice and her husband took on the project of handling many properties that were abandoned or in disrepair. Most of these lenders were out of state, so the financing had to be creative, and the buyers had to be credible in order to make the sale. It was a challenge and sometimes heartbreaking to see people forced to move from their homestead. “ The best part of it was that I became a mentor and problem solver for these homeowners, and they were grateful to have someone walk them through the whole process.” Creative financing and empathy for the sellers were to get the job done.

Alice later became a widow and needed to move where her sons were located. She selected Claremore because of the historical homes. She saw the potential growth of Claremore and the small town safety were great benefits. Rogers State University, the golf course, the Veterans Center and Claremore Lake were all indicators of a great place to live.

To be in real estate takes a special kind of person; almost like a caregiver or counselor who listens to the needs and goals of her clients and then goes to work to solve their problems. Alice is especially qualified to assist seniors with their decisions and is very patient with them.

“We decided to sell our home, and because we’re not familiar with anyone locally, we decided to interview multiple companies before making a decision. We were disappointed with the lower recommended listing price the others were suggesting. We had spent many years making it look like a showplace. It was February, the flowers were dormant, and everything looked barren. Then Alice came along. Her first trip to our property, we noticed her parked up on the road in front of the house. We kept wondering, “What in the world is she doing sitting up there for so long?” She finally pulled down our long driveway and rang the bell. We asked, “Why did you sit up there for so long?” Her reply was simple. She said she was trying to get a vision of what our property must look like in the spring and summer. She then toured our home and loved it. We sat down to get her opinion of a listing price. Much to our surprise, her recommendation was 25 percent above the other agents we had interviewed. Alice was the only one that saw the same beauty in our property as we did. Optimistically, we signed the contract for her suggested listing price, and through her diligence our home sold for 20 percent more than all the other realtors’ recommendations. (And by the way, the first family that looked at it purchased it!) The next time it’s time to buy or sell another property, there is only one real estate agent for us….Thanks Alice!!!!” – Joyce Milam

Spending time at the courthouse, looking up information, talking to builders and other service people, and offering suggestions to potential sellers regarding what needs to be done to get their place ready to sell are just a few responsibilities of realtors. Her motto is “a top condition gets top price”, and she works with people on a tight budget to make the most of what they have.

Being part of Claremore is important to Alice as she is on the Main Street‘s Architectural Committee, the Care More for Claremore Committee and the Historical Society. “So many things are happening in Claremore, I’m so excited to be part of the action.”

In just a few short years, Alice has become known for her extensive real estate knowledge and good service to her clients.

For more information, contact

Alice Pridmore of Keller Williams Realty

Claremore, OK
(918) 906-7474

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Alice Pridmore, Keller Williams

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Alice Pridmore, Keller Williams

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