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More Solutions for Beautiful Skin

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine offers a variety of lasers to treat your skincare woes.

By: Mallory Spoor-Baker | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: November 2007

Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O.

Everyday I am asked, “What treatment do you think I need?” I usually start by asking the patient what problems he or she is most concerned about. My other question relates to how urgent the problems are. The answers to these questions give me a direction and a treatment plan. If my patient is not in a big hurry or really cannot afford much, then my treatment recommendation may involve topical skin care regimens and few laser or expensive treatments. If the patient wants to move fast, then there are a variety of laser options to choose from. Lasers prove to be my treatment of choice because the overall heating impact to the skin is very beneficial, and it treats the target structure very accurately.

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, I have several different lasers to treat many different problems. My newest laser system is the Cutera Xeo, which has several laser heads. I previously wrote about the Pearl Resurfacing and Laser Genesis. The Pearl laser treats deep wrinkles and brown pigment. It is more aggressive and only requires a week of downtime. Significant safety parameters are built in to ensure good results without much worry. Laser Genesis, another laser, offers a non-ablative, non-burning approach to treating deeper layers of the skin, which are partially responsible for increased redness, increased pore size and textural damage. Laser Genesis treatment is fast and requires no downtime.

Limelight is a new IPL system that I have acquired with the Cutera Xeo platform. IPL stands for intense pulsed light. This is a 560-nonometer light that treats upper layers of redness, veins, brown pigment and improves the texture of the skin. IPL is the grandmother of photorejuvenation, a word created to encompass the skin benefits related to laser treatments. I have been using an IPL system for 10 years with great results.

The CoolGlide hand piece, which cools and soothes as it glides, is a 1064-nanometer light that can perform multiple functions. These treatments range from “laser genesis” to treating facial veins, leg veins and performing laser hair removal on dark skin types. All of these procedures are non-ablative and require little or no downtime.

I have quite a few lasers, each of which does something different. It is my job to sort out which treatment or laser procedure is best for my patients. I like to meet with my prospective clients in an individual, personal consultation beforehand. This is the best way to determine what each person needs and wants and how fast they wish to see results. Consultations are free of charge. For more information, contact me at (918) 280-0270 to schedule an appointment.

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Advanced Cosmetic Medicine

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