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Money-Savvy Way to Update Your Home

There’s a secret to making the wood cabinets, paneling, baseboards, doors and frames in your home look new again.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Other | Issue: May 2009

Allow Tracy and Amrit Booth to show you how Gleam Guard provides a cost-effective solution to updating your home’s wood cabinets and trims.

There’s a secret to making the wood cabinets, paneling, baseboards, doors and frames in your home look new again – without spending a lot of money. That secret is Gleam Guard.  

With weddings and other special events coming up, area homeowners want their homes to look their best. But consumers are also being more careful with their cash, and need the best value for their money. The Gleam Guard professionals can quickly, easily and affordably update the look of your house while saving you thousands of dollars. Owner Tracy Booth recalls one entire home they recently did that saved the homeowner $30,000.

The Gleam Guard process refinishes kitchen and bath cabinets and just about any interior woodwork without sanding, dust, mess or toxic fumes. Peels, flakes, scratches and minor nicks that nothing else will touch seem to magically disappear. Gleam Guard bonds to the original finish, enhances the wood grain and gives it a fresh oiled look that never needs polishing.

Tracy sums up the advantages of Gleam Guard. “It’s fast, and it’s easy for the customers,” he says. “They can leave the shelf contents as they are. It’s not expensive. And it lasts. Many customers say they wish they had called a lot sooner.”

The process works on painted, glazed and pickled woods, as well as traditional wood surfaces. Gleam Guard is available in three sheens, from satin to semi-gloss, and can be used on old or new cabinets. Keeping the finish new is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth. A bit of white vinegar is all that’s needed for stubborn spots.

The Gleam Guard crew works on only one job at a time, so there are no interruptions or breakaways. The average kitchen cabinet project takes just one day to complete; larger kitchens may require part of a second day. Each job comes with a five-year guarantee that includes free touch-up services if needed.

Gleam Guard customers call for many reasons. Even people with newer cabinets – especially glazed cabinets – use Gleam Guard to extend the cabinets’ beauty and protect their investment. Rental property owners also appreciate the protection, as well as the visual value for a reasonable cost. One customer said, “The Gleam Guard treatment on the cabinets in our rental property still looks great after 10 years – even after the rest of the house was trashed!”

Many realtors refer Gleam Guard to homeowners before placing their homes on the market. The five-year guarantee is transferable to the new owners. The process is also a quick fix for homebuyers on a budget. A Gleam Guard treatment can actually make it look like you had new cabinets installed in your kitchen or bath.

Another common request is the finishing touches for new granite countertops. There is usually about a half inch of unstained wood that old countertops covered but new granite slabs do not. Gleam Guard can put a lasting finish on this wood and make it blend with the rest of your cabinets.

Give Tracy Booth a call at (918) 455-4211 to ask questions or schedule an in-home demonstration. The Gleam Guard professionals can also clean and brighten rock fireplaces and accents in your home.

If you’re in the vicinity of Woodland Hills Mall, stop by Gleam Guard’s new location. Use the lower level (north side) Sears entrance and take the escalator to the upper level. The Gleam Guard display is in the middle of the mall, between Fossil and Hollister. Finished cabinets and before-and-after samples are available.

For more information, contact

Gleam Guard

(918) 455-4211 

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About Author Deanna Rebro

Deanna Rebro has worked in the publishing industry 30+ years, including eight years writing for Value News. She has also worked in real estate for the past six years. Deanna graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio with a B.A. in Journalism. Outside of work, she serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for Pet Adoption League. “Every story I write is a learning experience,” she said.

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