Mommy Makeovers

Dr. Brian Kent will host a lecture on Thursday, April 19 to educate women on how to restore their figures after pregnancy.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: April 2012

Dr. Brian D. Kent will host a “Mommy Makeovers” lecture this month.

Dr. Brian D. Kent will host a “Mommy Makeovers” lecture this month.

It is sometimes said that time heals all wounds. But sometimes, time is guilty of inflicting wounds, as anyone who has experienced the ravages of time on his or her body will attest. Another culprit in this war against aging is life experience—which is why women, who bear the responsibility of childbirth, seem to bear the brunt of time’s eroding forces.

Plastic surgeon Brian D. Kent, MD, who has dedicated his practice to helping people restore some of what time has stolen, is pleased to invite the community to a lecture entitled “Mommy Makeovers” at Bailey Ranch Club House in Owasso on Thursday, April 19 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. “This lecture is designed to educate women on what can be done to restore their figure after pregnancy and what the procedures entail, including potential complications and recovery periods, what kind of scarring to expect, and more,” says Dr. Kent. “I would also like to show what kind of results can often be obtained through before and after ­pictures – looking at results, which are sometimes quite ­dramatic depending upon what you’re starting with, helps ­people to be realistic in their expectations.”

The main procedures ­discussed will involve what Dr. Kent calls “improving the torso from breast to abdomen,” including breast lifts, reduction, or augmentation and tummy tucks. “A woman’s stomach often needs a tummy tuck of some sort after ­pregnancy, even if it is a ­­mini-abdominoplasty when the ­problem isn’t that bad,” Dr. Kent says. “And ­childbirth often causes loss of volume and ­deflation in the breasts due to size change and breast feeding.”

Dr. Kent often performs the breast and abdomen ­surgeries at one time, which makes recovery easier in the long run for the patient. He can also perform these surgeries in conjunction with other surgeons conducting medically necessary surgeries, such as C-sections or hysterectomies, which can ­consolidate recovery time ­dramatically.

After Dr. Kent has relayed the facts of these surgeries and shown before and after photos during his lecture, he will open the floor for a question and answer session. Hors d’oevres will be served throughout the evening.

Surgeries performed by ­plastic surgeons are not always of a cosmetic nature. Dr. Kent also performs many reconstructive procedures, including ­post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and surgeries for non-healing wounds and ­pressure sores. For a complete list of surgeries ­performed, visit

Dr. Kent is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has practiced ­cosmetic surgery for 25 years. In 1987, after completing his ­plastic surgery residency at the University of Texas (where he won the Samuel Spira Award for Excellence in Plastic Surgery), he began his practice in Orange County, California, where he practiced for 24 years before moving to Oklahoma. The doctor reports that he loves both the people and the values of Oklahoma, and he looks ­forward to sharing his brand of customized, caring, and expert cosmetic surgery with the people here. He is especially excited to extend his practice beyond his Tulsa office, taking patient appointments in Owasso and Claremore once a week as well.

If you’d like to attend Dr. Kent’s Mommy Makeovers ­lecture, please RSVP by calling (918) 994-4100.


For more information, contact

Dr. Brian D. Kent

9001 S. 101st E. Ave., Ste. 350
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 994-4100


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