Guys, get some much-needed manscaping done at Tulsa’s Reveal Salon.

By: Stephanie Reed | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: April 2014

Master Barber DeAllen Brown gives a client top-shelf ­treatment with a straight razor shave. Call DeAllen at (918) 734-1380 for an appointment.

Master Barber DeAllen Brown gives a client top-shelf ­treatment with a straight razor shave. Call DeAllen at (918) 734-1380 for an appointment.

Calling all gentleman (and after a long, cold winter, ­perhaps a few ruffians as well), it is time to clean up the winter scruff and prepare for a clean-shaven spring debut. With “No Shave November” and the bitter temperatures, it is no wonder the winter months leave the men of Green Country in need of a little TLC. Tulsa’s Reveal Salon & Aesthetics is just the place to get it.
    DeAllen Brown, Reveal Salon’s master barber, has been committed to improving men’s image for 14 years. A male-only stylist, DeAllen specializes in sprucing up clients and arming them with a fresh confidence that comes from a great look. Originally hailing from Chicago, DeAllen came to Tulsa to attend Rhema Bible College. After his initial visit, he boarded a flight home and knew intuitively that his ­calling was not to preach, but to improve lives through a ­different means. DeAllen’s goal for all his clients is to improve their self-confidence. “Men seem to forget how much better they feel when they are well cared for. Men deserve a little pampering too,” DeAllen says.  
    Haircuts, clean-ups for those in between haircuts, along with straight razor shaves, gray coverage, and hot towel treatments are all ­services DeAllen offers in an effort to improve each client’s visage. Specializing in all hair types, he has learned through experience that sometimes men need a friendly ­suggestion and a little help with self-improvement. “Sometimes clients don’t ­realize that there is room for enhancement. Men often don’t pay attention to the gray invading, or when ­eyebrows need trimming,” DeAllen explains.
    His friendly demeanor and dependable service have helped DeAllen establish a solid customer base in Tulsa. “I have the best customers ever,” DeAllen remarks. “It is because of my clients that I haven’t had to raise rates in years. I offer affordable ­services while being able to make a living, and they look good. We all win.”  
    After stepping out of DeAllen’s chair, men also have a variety of other options at the salon. Pedicures and manicures are available to clean up rough, chapped winter paws, while acne treatments and chemical peels can help shape up skin that has been hiding under winter beards and coats.  
    DeAllen’s stylistic prowess will certainly ­produce a spring-worthy look that the ladies will love. To schedule service, call DeAllen Brown directly at (918) 734-1380 or contact Reveal Salon.

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