Making Your Dream-House a Reality

Danny Pavey, owner of Dezign Plus in Collinsville, is in the business of turning dream-houses into reality.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2008

Danny Pavey, owner of Dezign Plus, defines himself as a dream-house designer.

Danny Pavey, owner of Dezign Plus in Collinsville, is in the business of turning dream-houses into reality. He consults with builders and his clients to collect ideas and formulate a realistic budget to convert the dream into the dream-house. According to Pavey, “My goal is to design homes that will fall within budget, but exceed the expectations of each client.”    

Pavey is a native of Collinsville and a Vietnam veteran, and he has designed homes throughout northeastern Oklahoma. He said that he loves to design interiors and exteriors that will make clients’ visions of the perfect home come true.

Many customers go to Dezign Plus with a basic concept in mind, or a roughly drawn floor plan. Others may have collected house plans from magazines or websites, each having some desirable characteristics but not the total package. Pavey says that this is an excellent starting point, and he encourages prospective clients to do their homework by finding photos, features and concepts they like.

“One client’s home had been destroyed. Since the original pad was undamaged, I suggested that they consider designing their dream-house to fit the pad,” says Pavey. The new home became reality, and the interior and exterior in no way resembled the original home that had been destroyed. “If you relate to me what you’re wanting, I can do the construction plans to accommodate your desires.” Through a few meetings and revisions, Pavey strives to present drawings for a house that will fall within your budget, exceed your expectations and meet the needs of your lifestyle. And, if you have limited knowledge of builders in your area, Pavey will gladly share his experiences and make recommendations.

In addition to helping create dream-homes, Pavey also does construction plan drawings for additions to and remodels of houses. Popular makeovers include the addition of a master suite and mother-in-law quarters. A mother-in-law suite may be accessible from inside the existing floor plan or from the exterior of the house, making it uniquely private yet still close to family members. Pavey designed one addition that included a living space for both the husband’s and the wife’s mothers. With many sons and daughters moving back in out of necessity, some parents have utilized Pavey’s talents to create extra living spaces for family members who are returning home, often with a spouse and children.

The majority of Danny Pavey’s work comes from builder referrals, and nearly all of his designs are custom builds. He works directly with homebuilders and homeowners. Pavey’s designs have included homes as small as 1,200 square feet and as large as 7,000 square feet. “No dream-house project is too large or too small,” he says. “I take pride in creating the custom plan that is right for you and your budget.”  

Dezign Plus designs have been built throughout northeastern Oklahoma and include homes in Battle Creek, Cross Timbers and Wind River. With more than 30 years of design and construction business experience, Danny Pavey can help you, whether you’re thinking about an addition, remodeling your existing home, or dreaming up your dream-house.

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