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By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: January 2007

Ken and Melody Miles of Affordable Kitchen Remodeling stand in Cynthia’s newly remodeled kitchen.

Recently, Cynthia of south Tulsa was ready for a change. Over the years she had lived in her home, she had implemented cosmetic changes to the forty year old kitchen. Now, however, she was ready to give the whole room a complete face lift. But the cabinets were still in good shape, in need only of updating. How could she recreate the room without gutting the entire room?

With the help of Ken and Melody Miles of Affordable Kitchen Remodeling, Cynthia was able to save her cabinetry and thousands of dollars as well. Using a process called “glazing,” the husband and wife duo gave the white cabinets the new, hottest look featured in all the magazines and in newly constructed homes. In addition, Melody consulted with Cynthia through the entire process, everything from major decisions like the color of the granite countertops and tile backsplash to the handles and pulls, outlet covers and wall colors.

When Ken and Melody started Affordable Kitchen Remodeling, their focus became helping those who desire a new kitchen to be able to find the services they need with one provider, thus eliminating the need to go through several contractors to reach their goal. Ken worked for years with a local cabinet re-finishing company, now his interest is in helping people to obtain the kitchen of their dreams, whether that means making changes to the existing structure or starting from scratch.

“We don’t just refinish cabinets,” says Ken. “We can pull out old cabinets and build new ones, or we can add cabinetry and storage capacity updates to existing cabinets, like slide out drawers, corner turn-table cabinets, etc.” Affordable Kitchen Remodeling can also help clients obtain the eclectic look that is so popular in magazines right now. For instance installing an island in a stain or color that contrasts with the rest of the cabinetry. “We can help clients get the magazine look,” Melody explains, “without the magazine price.”

One of the reasons the eclectic look is so popular is because it gives each kitchen touches that are unique to the homeowner’s taste and style. Glazing, one of Affordable Kitchen Remodeling’s specialties, is another way to give a kitchen a completely custom look. “I do bring a picture portfolio to prospective clients,” says Melody, “but really, no two jobs are ever completely the same. The color ends up being completely customized every time because each kitchen is different.” Melody notes that even though glazing is the hot trend right now, Affordable Kitchen Remodeling can help clients with other options as well, including traditional refinishing or painting.

Cabinets are the most important aspect of any kitchen and are Ken and Melody’s first focus, but they are interested in every aspect of the kitchen remodeling process, from ceiling to floor: countertops, backsplashes, wall paint, flooring, light fixtures, trim, etc. As she did with Cynthia, Melody offers consulting services for a modest fee in order to help the client bring their dreams into reality.

“Not everyone is able to envision a décor in their head,” says Melody. “They know what they want but they aren’t sure how to put it together.” Melody can help them choose everything from cabinet and countertop colors to dining room furniture and draperies, working with them until everything is just as they like it.

“Melody is very professional and is a delight to have in the house,” says Cynthia. “She is so very accommodating, a perfectionist really. If it is not right, she’ll make it right. I couldn’t be happier with the process or the results.”

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, Ken and Melody would like to invite you to call them and schedule an appointment. They will show you samples, their picture portfolio and the many options they have to offer.

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