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Make America Gospel Again

Movement Feeds Orphans and Widows in the Middle East

By: Haylie Smart | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: July 2023

Jake Nicks, founder of House of Jacob

Jake Nicks, founder of House of Jacob

The red “Make America Great Again” hat became iconic during Trump’s 2016 presidential election, and is now one of the most recognizable hats around the world. And this is precisely why Jake Nicks, founder of House of Jacob, decided to use the same hat style with his movement Make America Gospel Again.

What is Make America Gospel Again?

Formed two and a half years ago, Nicks felt it was needed after watching the nation fall into insanity.

“I realized once we take God out of the school system, and out of everything, something else has to fill that void,” he said. “And what is filling that void is not good.”

By creating Make America Gospel Again, Nicks believes he’s bringing people back to the foundation of what our nation was built on, which is one nation under God. The movement feeds orphans and widows in Pakistan, where Christians are prosecuted every day. Currently, Nicks is feeding about 130 people a day, but most of the funds being used for that come from his family and his personal businesses. However, if someone feels called to help alleviate that cost, they can do so by purchasing the iconic red hat for $30 through his website. All of the proceeds go directly to Make America Gospel Again.

“I’m not out there making a name for myself,” Nicks said. “And it’s not to make money. The purpose of this is to do God’s Will.”

How is Make America Gospel Again Helping Christians?

Someone might wonder why a movement called Make America Gospel Again is doing God’s work in another country, and Nicks has a great explanation for that. “There’s a lot of programs set up for people here in the states; there’s not really many people that go hungry. But over there Christians are looked down on and can’t even get jobs. They’re treated like slaves. Our hearts are with the children of those Christians.” 

Nicks believes his movement helps Americans on an emotional and spiritual level. 

“Life is easier now,” he said when explaining American culture. “We have food delivered to us, we don’t even have to go shopping anymore. Life has gotten so easy and convenient, but we are largely more unhappy.” 

By delivering the Good News from wealthy America to poverty-stricken Pakistan, it feeds Americans spiritually and fills that void. 

To purchase a red hat and help continue the efforts of Nicks’ movement, visit

Find out more on Twitter at or Instagram at

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House of Jacob

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Make America Gospel Again

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