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By: Mary Bransford | Category: Professional Services | Issue: June 2013

Joann Frizell and Alisha Bratt, founding partners at 
MAD Chicks marketing and design specialize in “culture marketing” for businesses.

Joann Frizell and Alisha Bratt, founding partners at MAD Chicks marketing and design specialize in “culture marketing” for businesses.

As a business owner, you need to stay one step ahead of your ­competition by being the first to know about the latest ­communications trends and strategies.  Companies and ­marketers have seized on the social media and are diving in with investments of capital and human resources.  At the same time they are abandoning ­traditional media, reasoning that everyone has gone digital.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    MAD CHICKS founding partners, Joann Frizell and Alisha Bratt, have combined their experience to help business owners by efficiently developing a multimedia strategy, one that encompasses traditional ­broadcast, print and digital media.  “People use different media at different times for ­different needs,” explained Joann.  “Usage statistics reveal that millions still consume hours of older forms, and many still use these media as their primary sources of information coupled with digital media. We have introduced this concept as ­CULTURE MARKETING.”

    “Culture marketing builds brand power by embracing the consumer.  This is accomplished by exploring what’s happening within your business’ target ­culture. Next, we clarify your brand’s unique assets and unleash a strategy to drive deep into traditional and contemporary markets,” said Joann.  

    MAD is an acronym formed from the strengths of the founder’s backgrounds, Marketing And Design.  Joann brings years of experience in both national and local level ­marketing.  Alisha provides a fresh look at the latest trends in visual communication design, social interactive marketing and technology.  

    Joann has a history of taking care of her customers by helping them become more successful.   Her experience in media, ­promotions and public relations stems from working on both sides of the desk. She knows both worlds and what can and cannot be accomplished. “I ­totally embrace each business client and have their best interest at heart,” emphasized Joann.  “I serve large and small business using a hands-on approach to get their name everywhere I can.”

    They also offer positive community synergy for their clients via strong public relations skills.  Goodwill and a positive brand perception are two of MAD Chicks core beliefs. This is accomplished by associating your brand with their well established community partners such as the Downtown YMCA, Guthrie Green, Global Gardens, Tulsa Parade of Lights and more.  

    Getting started with MAD Chicks begins with a meeting where they gain a complete understanding of your company, target customers and ­competitors.  Next, they research and create a branding strategy based on your goals and budget.  

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