Luxury Service in a World Class Facility

With customer satisfaction in the top 10 percent in the nation, Jaguar of Tulsa exceeds standards in sales and service.

By: Sarah Mitschke | Category: Automotive | Issue: May 2007

Jaguar of Tulsa’s Service Manager Danny Quigg stands in front of a new Jaguar XK with Will Babb and Bob Hill, sales team members, and General Manager Kelly Summers.

Jaguar of Tulsa’s world class facility, renovated in 2002, is reflected in its world class service. With a staff that collectively has over 50 years of experience, Green Country’s only Jaguar dealership is guaranteed to please its customers.

Jaguar of Tulsa is committed to customer satisfaction and automotive excellence. The friendly, knowledgeable staff strives to provide Jaguar customers with the best care. Service Manager Danny Quigg, a service guild award winner, has been with Jaguar of Tulsa for 17 years. As the driving force of the dealership, Quigg takes his level of service beyond just servicing Jaguars. His enthusiasm for the dealership and desire to please customers keeps people coming back. With such a broad and dedicated clientele, Quigg knows almost all of his clients by name.

To provide Jaguar customers with exclusive service, Jaguar of Tulsa is a separate facility from the other nearby UnitedAuto departments. It uses the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available to service only Jaguar vehicles. General Manager Kelly Summers says, “We’re happy to service any Jaguar vehicle, no matter where it was purchased.” All Jaguar owners are encouraged to take advantage of the efficient and high-quality services at Jaguar of Tulsa. Grant Aldrich and Eli Rocha, service department technicians, have a combined 34 years of experience working with Jaguars to ensure that all customers are given the best assistance possible.

Every employee at Jaguar of Tulsa is more than familiar with the Jaguar brand. All sales team members have had plenty of experience dealing with the luxury cars, including Will Babb, a former president of the Jaguar Club of Tulsa. Owning six himself, Babb has been a Jaguar enthusiast for years and enjoys recruiting more Jaguar drivers. With such a qualified sales team, the Tulsa dealership has undeniably contributed to Jaguar’s rank as highest in customer satisfaction among all automobile brands for the past three years.

Aside from its accommodating staff, Jaguar of Tulsa is excited about the cars it offers. On sale beginning last month, the 2007 XK convertible and coupe models have created recent excitement at the dealership. Bob Hill, sales team member, says, “It is one of the few pure luxury sports cars in the world.” The XK is just as much fun to drive as it is to look at. It is frequently compared to the Aston Martin DB9, more familiarly known as the “James Bond” car. With 300 horsepower, power seats that have memory settings and a top on the convertible model that can open or close in about 18 seconds, the XK will not disappoint.

In addition to the variety of new cars sold at Jaguar of Tulsa, a line of certified, pre-owned cars is available. The collection of “select edition” cars has been hand-picked for quality and, when purchased, come with a 100,000-mile or six-year warranty. Also with the purchase of a pre-owned, luxury car is a complimentary subscription to Jaguar Magazine, 24-hour roadside assistance and a gold membership to the Hertz #1 Club. A list of current pre-owned vehicles for sale at Jaguar of Tulsa is available at

Jaguar of Tulsa’s service department hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The sales department is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, visit Jaguar of Tulsa online or call (918) 280-6130.

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