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Lose Weight with HCG Diet

When people think of pregnancy, they often think of weight gain.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: June 2010

Malissa Spacek and Dr. James R. Campbell offer successful weight loss programs at the BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center.

Malissa Spacek and Dr. James R. Campbell offer successful weight loss programs at the BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center.

When people think of pregnancy, they often think of weight gain. But what many people do not realize is that a pregnant woman produces a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which actually aids in weight loss, as the woman’s body uses HCG to take fat out of fat cells in order to send it to the fetus. That is why BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center provides a weight loss program using HCG injections to help promote safe, effective and maintainable weight loss.

Former president of the American Medical Association, Dr. Louis M. Orr, once described obesity as “the greatest danger to the health of the American people.” The staff at BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center takes this danger very seriously and strives to provide weight loss programs, such as the one containing HCG, at an affordable rate. “We have a diet plan that fits everyone’s budget,” says Malissa Spacek, managing partner. “This particular diet plan includes injections that can take 2,000 calories out of the body per day.”

The body has three types of fat: structural fat, which supports organs and contours the body; normal fat, which holds in reserve for nutritional income; and excess stored fat, which stretches the skin and burdens the organs. The latter is the fat that causes stretch marks and bulging, and if it is lost too quickly, skin will sag and wrinkles will become more prominent. HCG goes after these abnormal deposits of fat, as well as brown fat deposits, which are notoriously hard to get rid of. Malissa explains that because following the daily HCG diet makes approximately 2,000 calories available for use by the body, patients find it easy to follow the 800 calorie regimen.

Results could include rapid weight loss of 20 to 30 pounds in the beginning weeks, and are described by Malissa as more lasting than with other programs. “When dieting with injections, you will lose fat you are storing and do not need; therefore, you will not have the tendency to regain the weight that you lose on this program.”

Malissa adds that with any weight loss program at BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center, the importance of an exercise program is stressed. “We really want people to exercise,” she says. “You cannot maintain weight loss without exercise.” Permanent dietary habit changes are stressed as well. They teach patients to eat like they are hypoglycemic, consuming their calories in small meals throughout the day. “People who successfully manage their weight eat like this,” says Malissa.

Water consumption is also a significant factor in both weight loss and maintenance, and the center suggests patients drink 32 ounces three times per day. “If your body is functioning properly, you will not retain the water,” Malissa explains. “Your kidneys require two quarts of water a day to function properly or the liver has to pitch in and help them out.” Why is this a problem? Because the liver is supposed to metabolize fat. “If it is busy helping the kidneys out, it cannot do its job of burning your body fat.”

BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center wants to help patients obtain a healthier existence and more youthful appearance through its many programs, including weight loss programs and cosmetic procedures. To find out more about weight loss with HCG or any other services, call (918) 872-9999 for a consultation to discuss your options.­­­

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