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Look Your Best for Spring

Rejuvenate your skin for spring at A New Image Cosmetic Laser Center, LLC.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: March 2007

Dr. Korgan and Heather offer a variety of skin enhancing services at A New Image Cosmetic Laser.

After the hard winter we have just experienced, you may find it refreshing to watch the world put on a brand new face for spring. As leaves bud out on the trees and flowers and green grass pop out of the ground, it is easy to wonder: if the earth can rejuvenate its “skin” why cannot I do the same for mine? Now you can, with the help of New Image Laser in Claremore. New Image Laser offers the latest cosmetic skin laser treatments, using the same up-to-date equipment and techniques found in Tulsa cosmetic laser centers, but without the long drive and at considerably lower prices.

According to Heather Woolman, Laser Technician and Medical Assistant at New Image Laser, you don’t have to wait until you have dramatic signs of aging to begin taking advantage of the latest laser technology. “A lot of women are starting to take care of their skin in their early thirties,” Heather relates. “They are basically starting maintenance now so they will not have big problems later on.”

Woolman reports that one popular treatment for women of all ages is Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation, a treatment using two different types of lasers in conjunction with one another to treat fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, facial veins and large pores. “Basically these treatments boost collagen under the skin so that it will start growing again,” says Woolman. “We combine the lasers, which is something you do not always find at other facilities.” One type laser is used to treat the problem, the other is used to refine and polish the skin which completes the process.

Woolman explains that another two step method is used for those who suffer from adult acne. One laser is used to kill the bacteria underneath the skin that causes acne. Once the acne is eradicated, a laser peel is performed to remove any scars or red spots the acne may have left behind. This method is effective for those who suffer from rosacea as well.

Many other treatments are available at New Image Laser, including laser hair removal, Botox Cosmetic, and Cosmoderm Cosmoplast,  a treatment which replaces natural collagen to help restore the structure of the skin. The staff at New Image Laser Clinic wants you to be able to maintain your beautifully renewed face and so they offer Jane Iredale mineral based makeup (also known as “The Skin Care Makeup) and Obagi Skin Care products to help keep your face looking fresh and healthy from the inside out. “We like to use the Obagi in accordance with the laser procedures,” Woolman explains, “because they were created by a physician who specializes in skin care.”

Not every skin problem involves the face. Many people suffer from unsightly and irritating spider veins, which appear most often on the legs. Dwight Korgan, M.D. suggests that those who need laser treatment for spider veins make their appointments as early as possible before hot weather arrives. He explains that when the laser light heats the spider vein, it causes the vein walls to collapse and then seal shut. This will cause temporary brown spots as the spider vein is broken down and absorbed by the body. “We want you to have time to heal before you put your shorts on,” Dr. Korgan says. “We want you to look your best!”

So if you are ready to put on a fresh face for spring, call Heather Woolman at New Image Laser today. New Image Laser is an extension of Claremore Health Associates and is overseen by Dr. Korgan, who is on site and available for consultation and any procedures that require a physician’s approval. Consultations are free with appointment.

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