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Living Pain Free

Marjorie Benedict-Scavone shares her story of her hip surgery experience with Dr. Ronald LaButti.

By: Michelle Booth | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: April 2011

One of Dr. LaButti’s happy patients, Marjorie Benedict-Scavone.

One of Dr. LaButti’s happy patients, Marjorie Benedict-Scavone.

Marjorie Benedict-Scavone remembers October 12, 2010 well. That was the day the 33 Chilean miners were rescued after spending 70 days trapped deep underground. It was also her hip surgeon’s birthday and the day he performed surgery on her right hip.

Marjorie had been experiencing pain in her right hip in 2008, just one year after having her left hip replaced. “I went downhill fast,” she said. “I remember traveling to New York City to visit relatives and attend a class reunion. I limped around the city and just had to grin and bear the pain.” Marjorie took a walking tour of New York City and noticed pain with every step. She had to rest at almost every block. “Even riding in a car wasn’t easy. It was painful getting out of the car when I arrived anywhere.”

The doctor that performed surgery on her left hip moved away, so Marjorie had to find a new surgeon. She talked with several different doctors before deciding on Ronald LaButti, D.O. “Dr. LaButti was recommended by my orthopedic doctor in Tahlequah,” she said. “I also learned he had performed several surgeries with perfect success at a nearby retirement community.”

Marjorie had two consultations with Dr. LaButti to discuss her surgery. “He was very thorough in answering all of my questions. I trusted my orthopedic doctor’s recommendation and felt very secure after meeting with Dr. LaButti the second time.”

One of Marjorie’s main concerns was making sure her legs were of equal length. “Some people are left with a limp after hip surgery because their legs are not the same length,” she said. Dr. LaButti was able to make her right leg within one millimeter of the length of her left leg. “That’s the width of a pencil lead. Dr. LaButti and I were both very happy with the result.”

Marjorie described the surgery as feeling like she had just dozed off. She has had six-week and 12-week follow-up exams and has been given the go-ahead to do almost everything. Physical therapy after the surgery was a valuable part of her recovery, and she stresses the importance of performing the exercises daily.

Marjorie’s right hip is expected to last 20 to 25 years, giving and her and her husband plenty of time to enjoy their active lifestyle and hobbies of photography, camping and hiking. This summer, they will travel in their motor home along Route 40 to the Grand Canyon and make their way to California. They plan on visiting as many national parks as possible along the way. “I’m in great shape to walk and hike again,” she said.

Living without pain is a major accomplishment for Marjorie, and simply walking is a pleasure. “I feel normal again. Dr. LaButti turned back the clock 10 years,” she said. “My hip joint is not constantly reminding me that I hurt. There is freedom in that. Every day is fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr. LaButti. He is very conscientious and extremely knowledgeable.”

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