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By: Jane Hanson | Category: Consumer News | Issue: September 2006

Susan Abel, Laura Mullins, Shelby Etheridge, Michelle Kitch.

Whether you are ready to admit it or not, holiday season is only a few weeks away, and with all those parties and social and family events to attend, you want to feel proud and confident in your party clothes.

At Inches-A-Weigh you will receive more one-on-one counseling, more emotional support, and more assistance in making lifestyle changes. Inches-A-Weigh offers women of all ages a way to safely lose weight and keep the pounds off. It is for women looking for a lifestyle change, not another diet.

Inches-A-Weigh, a women-only health and fitness clinic, offers a unique three-phase system incorporating nutritional counseling, body sculpting and cardiovascular fitness. Inches-A-Weigh teaches you a lifestyle that ensures you retain your desired slender and youthful appearance for the rest of your life.

The Inches-A-Weigh nutritional component offers you nutritional counseling including personalized menu plans; two protein supplements a day for the first four weeks; behavior modification lessons; weekly weigh-ins and one-on-one support. The body sculpting element, using the unique Inches-A-Weigh toning tables, will tone, tighten and firm your body while targeting the common female “problem areas.” Finally, the cardiovascular workouts will reduce body fat, improve energy levels, strengthen heart and lung functions and assist in weight loss.

Michelle Kitch, owner, explains, “Inches-A-Weigh is a one-stop shop for nutrition and exercise.” She says the system offers “structure with choices,” with a nutrition and exercise plan tailor-made to suit the individual.

Under the careful supervision of Kitch and her staff most members lose a sensible 1 1/2 to 2 pounds a week and feel renewed energy and vitality. The program’s structure and built-in accountability lead to success. The nutrition program teaches sensible and healthy eating based on the food guide pyramid, it is a program for long-term success.

The expert staff who work one-on-one with all their clients are Shelby Etheridge, a fitness instructor who is also a certified nurse aid; and Laura Mullins, a certified personal trainer and licensed practical nurse, who does nutritional counseling as the Lifestyle Manager.

Membership includes three one-hour exercise sessions each week. The first session of the week begins with a weigh-in and body measurements, a review of the menu plans and nutritional counseling for the week.

Once at goal weight, a maintenance program helps members stay there with a review of menu plans, further nutritional counseling and continuation of three exercise periods per week.

Michelle Kitch is a registered nurse with over 20 years’ experience working in hospitals and home healthcare agencies. She was looking for a business she could run herself and spent over a year searching for just the right franchise. Kitch says, “I wanted to get away from treating illness and into health and wellness, as well as illness prevention. Plus I have always been interested in fitness and nutrition, so Inches-A-Weigh fit the bill perfectly.”

Many doctors refer patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis challenges to Inches-A-Weigh because of its low-impact exercise program and personalized nutritional counseling. Women recovering from knee and back surgeries are also referred to the club to aid their recovery.

When you join Inches-A-Weigh, you get a Welcome Book which explains the program, details the nutrition and exercise plans, and includes a Food Diary. You also receive protein supplements and vitamins.

As summarized by Kitch, “Lifestyle changes are the key to healthy weight loss and fitness.” As we all now know, diets don’t work in the long term – a healthy lifestyle will give you the body you want with additional side effects of increased energy and improved health.

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