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By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Automotive | Issue: February 2008

Jimmy Robertson, owner, is pleased to announce the opening of Lenox West.

For years, Jimmy Robertson had waved at the bright red wrecker trucks driven by his Owasso neighbor, Dennis Lenox. If you had told him that he and his wife Kathy would one day own them and the company, Lenox Wrecker Service, he wouldn’t have believed it. But life has a funny way of working things out. After 28 years in the business of selling class rings and graduation supplies, Robertson was looking for a career change that would keep him closer to home. Lenox Wrecker Service was up for sale and it seemed to be a natural fit. The rest as they say, is history.

Dennis Lenox started the company in 1984. When Robertson purchased the business in 1995, there were two trucks, a Chevy Kodiak hook wrecker and an Isuzu rollback wrecker. Robertson ran the service full-time with employees Dan Salts and Gary Stuckey helping out on a part-time basis. Jimmy’s son Mike Robertson joined the business in 1997 and Ray Roberts in 1998.

Since that time the business has grown to include seven wreckers: 1 International boom truck with wheel lift, 2 General Motors rollback wreckers, 3 Peterbilt semi wreckers and 1 Freightliner semi wrecker. With a fleet ranging from the rollbacks to the 90,000 pound capacity of the largest truck, Lenox is capable of hauling just about anything from the smallest vehicle to oversize loaded semi’s.

The staff has also grown to include 6 full-time employees, office staff and at least 3 people on duty after hours. Eddie Troxell, a large truck specialist, joined the team in 2003, Josh Hayes in 2006, and additional large truck specialist, Neal Graves in 2007. Lenox employees have combined towing experience of more than 80 years and each is thoroughly trained in damage-free towing and recovery and certified through the Towing and Recovery Association of America. Robertson said they have worked with everything from an impounded go-cart to helping lift and move pieces of a damaged highway sign that spanned Highway 169 so special circumstances are not a problem.  

Lenox owner Jimmy Robertson, front, and drivers: (L to R) Mike Robertson, Neal Graves, Eddie “Papa Smurf” Troxell, Josh Hayes, and Ray Roberts.

As in any business, there are many regulations that must be followed and Jimmy Robertson has become active in industry organizations. A longtime member and the current Vice President of the Oklahoma Wrecker Owner’s Association, he is often on the road to the capitol to lobby legislators regarding wrecker issues. Safety for wrecker drivers is always an issue, but the appearance of the overall industry is important as well. Robertson said “In the past, wrecker drivers had the image of being unkempt tobacco-spitting guys who climb off a greasy garage floor to come and get your vehicle. We are striving to change that image to one of the professional businessman that we are. We take pride in our services and equipment and want our customers to feel safe calling us if they or their family member is stranded on the side of the road.”

Robertson is also proud to announce the opening of Lenox West, a new large truck lot in Sapulpa. He pointed out that prior to their opening, there wasn’t a large truck wrecker service located in Creek County. “We are happy to fill this need and remember the Lenox Wrecker Service motto… “Need a tow- Call the Pro!®”  

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