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By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Consumer News | Issue: August 2007

Melissa Goodman, owner of ScrapHappy’s, and Terri Musser, owner of Simply Scrapbooks, will be offering discounted tickets to the Creating Keepsakes Convention, held August 24 and 25.

Whether you are a frequent scrapbooker or just want to learn more about creative ways to preserve memories, the Creating Keepsakes Convention will offer something for everyone. Coming to Tulsa’s Renaissance Hotel on August 24 and 25, this year’s convention is expected to be bigger than ever. Terri Musser, owner of Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore, and Melissa Goodman, owner of ScrapHappy’s in Tulsa, are looking forward to the convention.

“Not only do we see a lot of our local clients while the convention is running, but our stores both have huge turnouts from out-of-town people visiting the conference,” says Goodman. She also notes that scrapbookers tend to be very serious about the hobby. The fun does not end just because the conference shuts down for the day. Scrapbookers love to visit local scrapbook stores to gather ideas and see what products are offered.

“Our stores had people from 13 states last year,” Musser recalls. “We even had visitors from as far away as Puerto Rico.” In order to welcome all visitors, whether they have traveled 10 miles or 10,000, both Simply Scrapbooks and ScrapHappy’s will offer discounted admission coupons for the convention at their stores, as well as a variety of goodies, such as gifts and free make-and-takes.

According to Musser and Goodman, the word “scrapbook” actually encompasses a far broader spectrum. “Anytime you pair a memory with a photograph, you’ve made a scrapbook, whether it is in a frame, in a shadow box, in an album or even hung on the refrigerator,” says Musser.

“People often get so overwhelmed because they think they have to create a masterpiece to make a scrapbook,” Goodman agrees. “But that’s not necessarily true.” Musser’s advice for those who feel overwhelmed is to start small and start current. ”Do last year’s vacation or last year’s Christmas,” she suggests. “Don’t try to go back and do your whole life story at once.”

Organizing photographs for current and future enjoyment is one of the top reasons people become interested in scrapbooking. However, it is far from being the only reason. According to Musser and Goodman, many friendships are formed around the cropping tables at their stores. In fact, the two women became good friends themselves through their association with Crafter’s Home, an organization that provides a support network and idea base for owners of small businesses. In the years since they have been in business, the two have had the privilege to make many other friends along the way.

Goodman especially enjoys offering the kind of service that customers cannot find at large chain stores. She points out that people do not just come to stores like Simply Scrapbooks and ScrapHappy’s for the variety of scrapbooking products. Although they offer items such as custom die cuts, custom paper for schools and local attractions, cardstock paper and cropping tools, many people visit their stores for the personal service and help in generating scrapbook ideas. “So often we get to trigger motivation and inspiration, helping customers to find their starting points and help them go from there,” Goodman says. “Whatever they want to make, whether it is a card for a holiday or a scrapbook to commemorate a special occasion, we try our best to accommodate and help customers accomplish their goals.”

Whether you feel that your treasured photos deserve a better home than a Rubbermaid container in your closet or if you just want to make a special card, invitation or memento for the one you love, be sure to visit Simply Scrapbooks in Claremore or ScrapHappy’s in Tulsa. You might just create some new memories and make some new friends along the way.

To learn more about cropping classes, classes for beginners and children and other important discounts and events, visit Simply Scrapbooks and ScrapHappy’s online at www.simplyscrapbooksok.com and www.scraphappys.com.

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