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Cole Butler invites everyone to learn about his goals for the sheriff's office and speak to friends and neighbors about who the right person is to make improvements.

By: Julie Dermody | Category: Other | Issue: July 2008

The extended Butler family: (Back Row, L to R) Logan and Cole, (Front Row, L to R) Delci, Debbie, Ahlasia, Robert, Nikki and Sarah Beth.

Most citizens would agree that the sheriff’s department should carry out its duties in the most effective and efficient manner possible, led by a sheriff with a solid foundation of leadership experience. Cole Butler, candidate for Rogers County sheriff, has been building that foundation for years – his 27-year career with the Tulsa police force provides him ample credibility in this race.

Cole Butler believes it is vital for the sheriff and deputies to spend time in each community and become familiar with its concerns, ranging from minor misdemeanors to major felonies. He also stresses the importance of deputies remaining empathetic and treating each person with dignity and respect.

One of Butler’s goals is to increase visibility in the community by having a more effective patrol presence, an increase in public presentations and informational publicity, and collaborative enforcement and investigations. With Butler in office, periodic town hall meetings would be the norm, providing necessary interaction between officials and community members.

Butler also emphasizes that the sheriff’s office should pro-actively work with other law enforcement and social agencies to address domestic violence and child abuse, property crimes, and drug abuse. Under his leadership, each community would know that its sheriff, along with the department, cares about what is going on. “I want citizens to understand that the sheriff’s office is here to serve them,” said Butler.

A general consensus has been reached among Rogers County citizens that the community needs someone new in the sheriff’s office. They demand a different type of leadership – one that will direct the change necessary in the sheriff's office. “The political arena is not squeaky clean,” said Butler. “If there are no challengers, the system will fall into complacency and begin to offer second-rate services.”

Butler hopes that the citizens of Rogers County are tired of being told which way they should vote, expressing passionately that the sheriff's office should not have political chains. “It is the qualifications, willingness to serve with integrity, and leadership that should be important when selecting a candidate for sheriff,” he said. “I welcome the comparison between other candidates and myself. I believe that comparison is to my advantage, because I am the candidate who has the real desire to make the proper changes for the good of Rogers County.”

Citizens are clearly ready to move the county forward. Butler’s supporters are making every effort to bring Rogers County closer to what they believe is the proper, desperately-needed leadership. “Without your help, we will miss the opportunity to make a long-overdue difference!” said Butler.

Cole Butler invites everyone to learn about his goals for the sheriff's office and speak to friends and neighbors about who the right person is to make improvements. This election year is the best opportunity the community has to put changes into effect.

For more information, call (918) 855-8041, or go online to www.colebutler4yoursheriff.com.

For more information, contact

Cole Butler for Rogers County Sheriff

14031 South 4210 Road
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 855-8041


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