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Lasting Changes

Through Curves, women can look and feel better from the inside out.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Consumer News | Issue: November 2006

Jeff, Michael and Wanda Bennett get ready to take flight for Curves.

“No men, no makeup, no mirrors.” This sums up the philosophy at Curves, a company known all over the globe for its dedication to women’s health and fitness. The Owasso Curves, which has been a part of the community’s landscape for five years, was recently acquired by Jeff and Wanda Bennett, who already own three Curves in Tulsa.

“Curves provides an environment where women can come and not be intimidated by their figure or clothing,” says Wanda. “In this setting, you’re never alone. You always have the help of friends.”

For Jeff and Wanda, the Curves experience is about much more than obtaining that perfect figure. It is about helping women better their lives mentally, physically and spiritually. Before the couple bought their first Curves franchise, Wanda had been a hair stylist for years, but wanted to do more. “While I was styling hair, I was helping women improve themselves from the neck up, and I enjoyed how after just an hour or two they left with more confidence,” says Wanda. “My involvement with Curves allows me to help women to make lasting changes in their lifestyle for a healthier sense of well-being. Through Curves, women get to look and feel better from the inside out, which is extremely important to me.”

Jeff’s involvement with Curves has taken him all over the world, literally. For several years, Jeff has been part of the Curves Balloon team, which has competed across the globe. Last November, the team (under the direction of pilot, Joe Hartsel) won The World Honda Grand Prix in Montegi, Japan and will defend their World Championship Title again this November.

“It will be interesting to spend Thanksgiving in Japan this year again,” says Jeff. “The culture is so different. Last year, we had seafood pizza for the holiday.”

Jeff will again be a part of the ground crew at this event, but he is a balloon pilot as well. In fact, he recently won the North American Ballooning Association’s Rookie of the Year this July, he was ranked 20th in the nation among all U.S. balloon pilots.

Jeff explains that one of the great things about the Curves Balloon team is that it ties most of its races into charitable organizations, and he is pleased to have had firsthand involvement in these endeavors. For example, the team recently visited the Shriners Hospital in Houston, Texas, where they set up a balloon for the patients to inspect. Curves has provided funding for incidental items, like video games and electronic equipment, to make the children’s hospital stay a bit more pleasant.

“On another occasion, as the Curves team was in Galveston, Texas, Jeff and Wanda brought their son Michael with them this time to the Shriners Burn Hospital. Now he gets disappointed when school is in session because he cannot go to a race and visit the kids the Shriners are helping,” said Wanda and Jeff.

Working with the Curves Balloon team is merely one of fifteen-year-old Michael’s accomplishments. He is also a junior Olympic level clog dancer who has garnered gold, silver and bronze medals for his efforts. In fact, Michael was one of the first to be in the Olympic realm in this event. “When he was eleven, he went to his first national competition,” says Wanda. “Afterwards, he and his dancing partner were approached about the Junior Olympics.” Michael and his partner went on to compete and won a silver medal in the event.  

Wanda is a competitive clog dancer as well, and especially loves to be involved with the popular River Dance style of Irish step dance. In addition to their other activities, she and Michael are following in Jeff’s footsteps and are currently studying to obtain their balloon pilot licenses.

The Bennett's believe in experiencing all that life has to offer, which is obvious in all aspects of their lives, both business and personal. “I feel very blessed with our life—what we have and where we are going as compared to where we came from,” says Wanda. “When you are a child, you have no choice in the direction you take in life, but as an adult you do.”

If you are looking for a program specifically designed for women, featuring Curves’ signature thirty-minute workout and weight management program, the Bennett's would love to invite you to visit any of their facilities in Owasso or Tulsa. Call for your free tour and figure analysis today.

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