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Knee-Jerk Reaction to Pain

Patient Janet Bongiorno wishes she had not waited so long to have her knee replacement surgeries, which were performed by Dr. Ronald LaButti.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2011

Janet Bongiorno is excited to be walking pain free after two knee replacement surgeries performed by Tulsa orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ronald LaButti.

Janet Bongiorno is excited to be walking pain free after two knee replacement surgeries performed by Tulsa orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ronald LaButti.

“In retrospect, I can’t imagine why I waited so long to have it done,” says Janet Bongiorno. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ronald LaButti performed knee replacement surgery on Janet’s first knee in late March of this year, and did her second knee replacement in early May. According to Janet, “The relief was practically immediate.” She used a walker for the first two weeks following surgery and also did six weeks of physical therapy, three times per week, for both knees. “Dr. LaButti really takes care of you,” said Janet, “and I did exactly what he told me to do. The results speak for themselves.”

Janet says it’s just amazing to be living free of all the pain she had experienced for years prior to knee replacement surgery. When she realized she could not stand the incessant pain any longer, she made the decision to start looking for an orthopedic surgeon, and she told a friend she wanted to find the best one available. The friend recommended Dr. LaButti to Janet, who made an appointment, had her knees assessed, and committed herself to having the recommended surgeries.  

Shortly following her first surgery, Janet couldn’t believe it when she realized she was going to have a life ahead of her without the constant pain that had only gotten worse with the dawning of each new year. She now enjoys gardening – one of her favorite hobbies, swimming, walking, and many other activities she had been unable to do for years. Janet even confided that she went dancing recently; the last time she had gone dancing was “a long, long time ago.”

Janet moved to Oklahoma years ago from New York, where she grew up. “Dr. LaButti is Italian and from New York like I am, and is just a great guy. How could it get any better than that? Life is so much fun again.”

Dr. LaButti is a leading orthopedic surgeon in the area. He performs state-of-the-art joint replacement. He also employs the latest treatment options, some of which frequently help patients avoid surgery. Even if you’ve suffered knee pain for years, making it impossible to do things you want and need to do, there may be a way to eliminate your pain and suffering. Some of the knee symptoms you could be experiencing might include steady pain or pain that comes and goes in the knee; limited range of motion; stiffness in the knee joint, especially after being inactive for a time; joint swelling or tenderness; and a “crunching” sound or “grinding” feeling when you move your knee.

Dr. LaButti received advanced training with some of our country’s most well-known orthopedic surgeons.  He enjoys learning through continuing ­education and research, and makes efforts to stay on the ­leading edge of his specialty. He trains surgeons at the Oklahoma State University Orthopedic Residency Program, and makes regular presentations to the ­medical community and workers’ compensation professionals. Dr. LaButti speaks to senior ­citizen groups, volunteers at local schools, and frequently ­contributes time and resources to local charities.


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Dr. Ronald S. LaButti

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