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By: Christopher Davis | Category: Other | Issue: May 2015

Gary and Austin Gullic.

Gary and Austin Gullic.

As summer heats up, homeowners start to get serious about acting on their winter dreams of remodeling. Factors that determine whether or not these projects come to fruition are typically related to issues like ability and tools (if one is prone to the DIY approach) or money. Fortunately, for homeowners with “kitchen” jotted down on their remodel list, Premium Cabinets can cut cost without sacrificing quality.

Their recipe for success involves providing just the right amount of support to empower owners to run their own project. “Some people want to be their own general contractor,” says Gary Gullic, owner of Premium Cabinets. “They just need some help.” Gullic and his crew at Premium Cabinets excel at walking clients through a step by step process that begins with a simple conversation about design and ends with brand new cabinets in a revitalized kitchen they love.
The first step, consultation, takes the client from brainstorming design concepts to detailed layout. “The process begins with a measuring kit we provide for customers,” says Austin Gullic. “It’s important to get accurate measurements in the beginning.” Even though there will be a final measurement before the layout is sent off for an order, it saves a lot of time to have it right early on. Once the basic dimensions of the kitchen are obtained, the conversation moves to design.

“It sounds funny,” says Austin, “but I usually talk to customers about pain.” He explains, “Usually there are a couple of specific details in their current layout that agitate a person – I mean, if they were happy with their kitchen, then they wouldn’t want to change it in the first place.” Gary and Austin suggest solutions as a client explains their predicament. “We focus on key needs,” says Gary, “We want to make it yours.”

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. “I like to suggest a drawer next to the sink for towels,” he says, “or a hidden trash can close by.” Another go-to feature that Gary installed in his own home is drawer and cupboard door dampers. His pain, he recalls, was an early-rising teenager who had a tendency to shut drawers and cupboards loudly. “There’s nothing worse than getting woken up an hour before your alarm is supposed to go off,” he laughs. Soft close options take the sting out of early mornings and late nights.

Utilizing a computer design program and a big screen, Premium Cabinets clients are able to collaborate with staff to establish all the features of their new kitchen’s layout. Then, the discussion turns to style, colors and materials. With three design areas and a display room on site, it is easy to get a hands-on experience of what the future will bring.

Once all the elements have been selected and a final set of measurements is in place, the order and specifications are sent out. Premium Cabinets partners with Joy Marble and Tile for countertops and backsplashes. For clients who want to hire contractors for installation, electric and plumbing connections, Gullic has a short list of trusted contractors to provide. Premium Cabinets’ approach, which emphasizes a flexible package of reliable services and resources, has earned them an award from Angie’s List.

Typically, orders are delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. The day before installation, existing cabinets are removed. Once the room is prepared, installation begins. Plumbing and electricity is connected after cabinets are in place. From there, it’s all about enjoying a new kitchen designed especially for you.

Premium Cabinets is offering a special promotion with Joy Marble and Tile. The package is designed to suit most standard sized kitchens and includes granite countertops and installation. 

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