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Kellam and Mayor Join Affordable Automotive

Affordable Automotive and Battery provides high-quality automotive care and service.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Automotive | Issue: December 2007

Tom Mayor, service technician, recommends obtaining a 27-Point Vehicle Inspection before heading into the cold, winter months.

Two new yet familiar faces have joined the Affordable Automotive and Battery team in Broken Arrow. Ron Rhodes, owner, has announced the addition of Tom Kellam as the company’s new service manager and Tom Mayor as service technician. Kellam and Mayor have worked in the Broken Arrow area for 25 and 20 years respectively.

The staff at Affordable Automotive and Battery takes pride in the work they do, and they genuinely care for their customers. “Outlook is a huge part of properly servicing any vehicle,” Kellam says. “You’ve got to care about what you’re doing or you can’t fix it right.” Kellam goes out of his way to take care of his customers. With parts and labor as costly as they are, he assures customers that he will only fix what they want fixed. In other words, customers are not going to be paying for parts or services that their cars do not really need. Kellam, who has many loyal, valuable customers, says his previous customers are already finding him at his new place of employment.

With cold, winter weather quickly approaching, Affordable Automotive and Battery is offering a special on its highly-recommended 27-Point Vehicle Inspection Program. The vehicle inspection is performed free of charge, and all items needing care or replacement are checked and identified as “needing attention” or “needing immediate attention.” Some inspection items included on the checklist are: tire wear and condition; front and rear brakes; condition of drive belts; radiator and coolant; radiator and heater hoses; batteries and cables; spark plugs and wires; air and fuel filters; wiper blades; headlights; stop, tail and turn signal lights; heater and air conditioning operation; as well as restraint systems. If any of the items need replacement or attention, customers will receive an estimate and explanation of the service recommended.

Rhodes shares some perspective on how customers can save money on their annual fuel costs. While automobile manufacturers recommend periodic replacement of parts, most of us ignore those recommendations in an effort to save money. In reality, those recommendations could generate a greater savings than ignoring them does. With today’s gas prices, replacing worn out spark plugs could save as much as $60 each year in fuel costs. Changing a dirty air filter could save up to $118 annually. And things commonly overlooked, like replacing worn out oxygen sensors, could save us much as $371 yearly in fuel costs. Taking the advice of automobile manufacturers and replacing parts on a regular basis can add up to some large, annual savings in fuel costs.

Tom Mayor and Tom Kellam have recently joined the staff at Affordable Automotive and Battery.

Taking better care of your automobile, one of the largest investments made in a person’s life, is beneficial in many ways. A vehicle will perform better, last longer and could save you some cash in the process. The crew at Affordable Automotive and Battery would like the opportunity to meet you, service your vehicle and, hopefully, make you a repeat customer. Call (918) 251-9695 today or stop by for more information.

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Affordable Automotive and Battery

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