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Journey to a Pain-Free Life

“Dr. LaButti also really cares about his patients. In fact, you feel like you’re his only patient.” - Peter Pedone

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: June 2011

Peter Pedone is a happy knee replacement patient of Dr. Ronald LaButti.

Peter Pedone is a happy knee replacement patient of Dr. Ronald LaButti.

Peter Pedone’s journey of pain and limping began in 2008. “The pain in my knee was unbearable, and I knew I had to see a specialist. After doing some research online, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ronald LaButti. I found that he has received several awards and distinctions, is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at OSU, and has 11 years experience as an orthopedic surgeon,” says Peter. “But what really appealed to me is that he works one day a month at the Muskogee Veterans Affairs Medical Center. My dad was in that hospital, and as a Vietnam veteran myself, I appreciate his service to our troops. For me, this really gave Dr. LaButti an edge over other surgeons.”

Dr. LaButti initially tried non-surgical solutions to improve Peter’s condition, using knee injections and medication to ease the pain. “He said I’d know when it was time for the operation. I really liked that he tried alternatives before jumping to surgery,” says Peter. “In 2010, my knee had reached bone on bone, with absolutely no cartilage left. I couldn’t walk a half a block without severe pain, and I could no longer play with my grandkids. It was time for a total knee replacement.”

Peter explains that Dr. LaButti is an overall excellent doctor to guide you through this life-changing process. “For one thing, he was a good sense of humor. He asked me why ‘us young guys’ always try to withstand the pain and wait so long for surgery. I’m 63!” laughs Peter. “Dr. LaButti also really cares about his patients. In fact, you feel like you’re his only patient.”

As a native New Yorker who came to Oklahoma in the 70s, Peter also liked Dr. LaButti’s straight-to-the-point demeanor, reminiscent of his home state. “He doesn’t pull any punches. He explains to you exactly what you need to do, before and after, to have a successful operation.”

Peter was equally impressed with Dr. LaButti’s staff. “They were very professional and timely; I never waited more than five minutes when I arrived for an appointment. The staff arranged all phases of the surgery, from pre-admission tests to the actual surgery to home and office physical therapy.”  

Dr. LaButti performed Peter’s total knee replacement in July, 2010. Peter did six weeks of home therapy, and had detailed follow-up outpatient visits for 12 weeks. “At first, I thought I didn’t need physical therapy, but Dr. LaButti said, ‘Yes, you do.’ You really have to work at therapy, regularly walking and riding the stationary bike. The physical therapy was key to my success.”

Now Peter is living a totally pain-free life. “I’m able to climb a ladder, walk a few miles, and play basketball and ride bikes with my grandkids with zero pain. My life is back to normal,” he says. “Even during the blizzard, I was able to trudge through three-foot snow drifts and shovel my driveway for a couple hours. Before, that would have been a severely painful experience.”

Another thing Peter is happy about? He has a straight leg and no longer limps. “My grandson thinks I’m now part Cyborg. He tried putting a magnet on my knee!”

A tax analyst nearing retirement, Peter can now take pleasure in his life and time with his family. He has been married to his wife Linda for 41 years, and they have three children and three grandchildren. “I’m so happy with the results of my knee replacement. I can go to my grandkids’ soccer games, play tennis, ride a bike, and I’ll be able to truly enjoy my retirement,” he says. “I highly recommend Dr. LaButti. He is a nice guy and an excellent surgeon. He changed my life.”

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