Journaling with Jesus

Carol Round’s new book discusses faith journaling and how it can help strengthen one’s spiritual growth.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Special Interest | Issue: January 2012

Carol Round, author of the new book 
“Journaling with Jesus.”

Carol Round, author of the new book “Journaling with Jesus.”

Those who have enjoyed the wit and wisdom of Carol Round’s syndicated column, books and blog will be excited to learn of her upcoming book release, “Journaling with Jesus.”     

Journaling has been a part of Carol’s faith for over ten years, and in the last five years, she has been asked to speak on this and other related spiritual topics before women’s groups. “At every session, I have been asked if I have a book on the subject,” she relates. Carol is already the author of two books: “A Matter of Faith” and “Faith Matters,” which are collections of her self-syndicated column. She actually began work on “Journaling with Jesus” in 2008, but when she took a job as ­executive director for the Rogers County Literacy Council, the project, as she says “got put on the back burner.” However, last spring, she felt a strong urgency to renew her focus on writing and speaking, and resigned her position as ­literacy director to focus on these endeavors full time.

Carol combined her own experience with faith journaling as well as interviewing others who practice this spiritual ­discipline for her book. “Looking back over the last ten years, I had kept consistent prayer journals, and I could go back and look at them and trace my spiritual growth,” she says. “Journaling has kept me focused—it orders my whole day.” Carol followed her own precepts while writing this book. “I taught high school for many years, and I learned that when you teach something, you ­actually learn more about it,” she says, adding that she has met many people who have kept prayer journals with different levels of commitment. “They may share experiences and I can learn from them.” Carol has also ­interviewed ladies who have had great success with prayer ­journals, and she obtained input and endorsements from two ­published authors on the subject.

One unique aspect to the book is that it encourages a sort of “covenant with God” in which the reader commits to journaling for 40 days, enough time for it to become a habit. Carol plans to offer speaking engagements for “Journaling with Jesus,” and as she prepares for these workshops, she will ­create test exercises for ­participants. Later, she will take those exercises that seem to be most successful and compile them into a companion ­workbook for the book.

“Journaling with Jesus” is being published by Westbow Press (a division of Thomas Nelson) and is tentatively ­scheduled for release on February 1. “My goal is to encourage people to seek a ­closer relationship with God,” says Carol. “As Joyce Meyer says, ‘It’s about relationship, not ­religion’ – inviting him into your everyday life.”

Carol Round’s column appears in “The Claremore Daily Progress” and other area ­news-papers. To schedule a ­speaking engagement, contact her at ­eat0@eau0eav0eaw0. You may also reach her through her blog at And be sure to visit and “like” her on Facebook at “A Matter of Faith” and “Journaling with Jesus.”


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