Jingle Bell Sweepstakes

Take a drive to Sapulpa and see what makes sharing the holidays so special.

By: Jane Hanson | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: November 2006

Betty Calley, Executive Director of Chamber; Janet Sherwood, Director Sapulpa Main Street and Kayla Parnell, Assistant to Executive Director of Chamber.

Enter the Sapulpa Jingle Bell Sweepstakes and you could win $10,000, or one of many other cash prizes. There are lots of chances to win, so come aboard the Jingle Bell Express this holiday season in Sapulpa!

How to play: Collect Jingle Bell Sweepstakes tickets, after November 4, from any of the 116 Sapulpa businesses and stores participating, and each ticket gives you a chance of winning. Normally you would collect one ticket for every $10 spent, but some merchants offer double tickets for your money. You can collect as many tickets as you want, and enter the sweepstakes as many times as you wish.

There will be three $1,000 winners and two $500 winners. In past years the sweepstakes has drawn a crowd of 15-20,000 people. This year the drawing will be held on December 16, 1 p.m. at the Court House Plaza, you must be present to win. As if this wasn’t enough, the Monday after the main drawing, December 18, there will be another drawing for $500. So many chances to win!

“Come aboard the Jingle Bell Express this holiday season is our theme this year,” says Main Street director, Janet Sherwood, “and it’s going to be great fun.” The sweepstakes are designed to entice people to shop in Sapulpa during the holiday season. With people coming from miles around, previous sweepstakes have been a huge success.

“Holiday shopping in Sapulpa is an amazing experience,” explains Sherwood, “The festive atmosphere, the holiday lights, the food to sample and the personal service add to the enjoyment of Christmas shopping.” The sweepstakes adds excitement to the shopping experience.

Betty Calley, Executive Director of the Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce, has been on the Jingle Bell Sweepstakes committee for the past 8 years and works closely on the project with Sherwood. “The fact that we’ve been doing this for 8 years is proof that it works,” says Calley, “It’s a win-win situation for businesses and the public.”

Sponsors pay $250 to join at regular level; $350 to join at silver level, and $500 for gold level sponsorship. It is estimated that sponsors receive over $7,000 worth of advertising and promotion over a 6-week period for their $250 investment, plus they obviously benefit from increased traffic through their stores and businesses. Gold sponsors get to pose in Jingle Bell Express hats and scarves for press stunts and photographs, which attract considerable attention.

With successful programs like the Jingle Bell Sweepstakes, downtown Sapulpa is becoming a shopping destination of choice. Check out Sapulpa for your holiday shopping this year, and stand a chance of winning one of the great cash prizes. For a list of businesses participating in Jingle Bells visit their website at www.sapulpamainstreet.com

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