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J. David Jewelry provides quality jewelry selections to customers in Broken Arrow and throughout the Tulsa metro area.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Retail | Issue: December 2010

J. David Jewelry owner Joel David says their inexpensive line of colorful “jelly” watches greatly appeals to all ages.

J. David Jewelry owner Joel David says their inexpensive line of colorful “jelly” watches greatly appeals to all ages.

After 16 years in Broken Arrow and 10 years at the current location, J. David Jewelry is still going strong, providing quality jewelry selections to customers in Broken Arrow and throughout the Tulsa metro area. Owner Joel David knows he is blessed in business and appreciates the trust and support he has received over the years from faithful customers. “I’m in a people business,” says Joel. “I treat my employees right and they, in turn, treat our customers right. I love change and am always trying to give customers exactly what they want.”

Joel’s philosophy must be working. He has recently undergone extensive remodeling at the 4,000-square-foot Broken Arrow location, opened a Pandora store at Woodland Hills Mall, and hired 14 new employees to fill newly created positions. In addition, he has hired six additional temporary employees at J. David Jewelry to assist customers during the holiday season.  

J. David Jewelry was the first jewelry story in the area to market the Pandora line. Pandora’s overwhelming popularity in the jewelry industry has been no secret. “The Pandora store at Woodland Hills was a success from opening day, and Pandora is still gaining momentum at both stores,” explains Joel.

Joel was also the first jeweler in the area to stock Jelly Watches. The Jelly Watch has a rubber watchband and housing for the watch works. The line features a colorful, fun assortment including red, white, blue, black, orange, pink, green, camo and more. The watches are inexpensive and are being purchased and worn by women of all ages. It’s a fun way to tell time and coordinate watch and clothing each day.  

Here’s a great concept from J. David Jewelry. Joel says many of his customers have brought in gold jewelry that they never wear. Many of the items are outdated or are no longer favorites, but it’s a shame to just let them sit around collecting dust. Indeed, we’ve all heard that jewelry is a good investment. With the rising cost of gold – it’s gone up 50 percent in the last 18 months, according to Wiland – your old jewelry items may be worth more than you think. J. David Jewelry will appraise them and tell you what they’re worth – you may be pleasantly surprised. The store will give you cash for your gold, or you may receive a store credit for the appraised value. If you select to take a credit, J. David will credit your account with 50 percent more than his appraised cash value. For example, if the appraised value of your items is $500, you select to receive either $500 cash or a credit at J. David Jewelry for $750. Either way, it’s better than letting jewelry you never wear sit and gather dust.

Some of the items brought to J. David Jewelry for cash or credit include outdated jewelry, class rings, and old or broken chains. “They’re all worth their weight in gold,” says Joel. One other option for your consideration is to trade in old gold items to be used to create a custom designed piece of jewelry just for you. In short, you have three nice options that will put your old jewelry back to work for you.

According to Joel, Marty Burns is Oklahoma’s number one gemologist. He has 30 years in the industry and is now working full time for J. David Jewelry. He is there to provide appraisals for a precious jewelry item or entire collection.

J. David Jewelry is open Monday through Saturday. The store will extend operating hours the last week leading up to Christmas.

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