It’s Tree Planting Time

One trip to the Owasso Tree and Berry Farm will get you inspired.

By: Shelly Robinson | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: October 2009

Brent Jacobs manages the landscape tree division of Owasso Tree and Berry Farm.

Fall is in the air and there’s a glorious display of color all around us, at least on the trees that are left. If your yard is looking a little bare, one trip to the Owasso Tree and Berry Farm will get you inspired. Fall is the ideal time to plant, and the trees are plentiful.

Brent Jacobs is in his seventh year managing the landscape tree division of the Owasso Tree and Berry Farm and is very excited about the new trees available this fall. With the ice storm the year before last and the resulting damage, the fall planting season should be a busy one. Jacobs is ready with over 750 trees for sale. Jacobs points out that we are in the ideal planting season and can plant throughout the winter as long as it’s not too wet or frozen.

Jacobs says that many of his customers are replacing broken trees with newer, more appealing versions of traditional favorites. While it sounds a little futuristic, trees are becoming high-tech as the industry constantly improves. “We have three new varieties of elm trees available this fall, and they were developed nearby in Enid, Oklahoma. They are grown locally, ensuring the proper climate fit, and all are resistant to Dutch Elm disease and Dutch Elm beetles,” said Jacobs. The Emerald Sunshine elm has a large leaf for shade and is similar to the older American elm. The Bosque variety is a new lacebark elm that is compact in size and good for small landscapes. It will reach about 18’ tall and 15’ wide. Jacobs feels that elm trees are on their way back. “Elms aren’t what they used to be; they don’t shut down growth when it’s hot and dry,” he said. “They grow well throughout the summer. I feel like we are going to see a lot of elms planted in the next several years.”

Redpointe is a new variety of red maple offering vibrant color. It is kin to the Autumn Blaze that many are familiar with, but it has faster growth and is more uniformly branched. The Crimson Spire oak offers pyramidal, upright growth. Reaching 30’ to 35’ tall and spreading 15’ to 18’ wide, these trees make a wonderful screen or windbreak. A new selection of Blue Atlas cedars is arriving, and there are many Loblolly pines available, ranging from 6’ to 12’ tall.  

One of the advances in technology is the “grow bag” used by the Owasso Tree Farm. Trees that are grown in the ground lose the majority of their root system when they are dug by machine. The grow bag allows the tree to grow above ground and be moved easily, keeping the root system intact. The roots are ready to spread when planted, resulting in less stress to the tree. This technology has also allowed for larger trees to be offered for homeowners who like to do it themselves and those looking to start out with a bigger tree. Jacobs has expanded his selection of 2” caliper trees in containers, and has over 60 trees available in eight varieties, ranging from 15’ to 18’ tall. Jacobs points out that many homeowners associations and subdivision covenants require 2” trees, and it is a real time-saver, and gas-saver, to have a local source.

“If you don’t find what you are looking for in the display area, we’ll get in the (Kawasaki) Mule and drive out back to the nursery so you can choose straight from the field. It’s a lot of fun to drive back there anyway,” says Jacobs. Free delivery is available in the Owasso area, and they offer planting for an additional charge.

The Owasso Tree and Berry Farm opens for the fall season Saturday, October 3. Business hours are Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. They are also open weeknights after 5 p.m. by appointment only.

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