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You can trust Steve Rainwater of Steve’s Restoration Painting with your most important investment.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: April 2010

Steve Rainwater is a professional painter who never cuts corners in his work.

Steve Rainwater is a professional painter who never cuts corners in his work.

As the world outside starts to renew itself with fresh vibrant color, our homes – which have seemed so cozy during the long winter months – may start to appear drab and dingy against spring’s backdrop. If your home needs attention after extreme weather conditions or just a splash of color, inside or out, you may want the name of someone you can trust with your most important investment. Steve Rainwater of Steve’s Restoration Painting is just such a person.

With over 35 years of experience, Steve understands all the intricacies of protecting your walls, interior and exterior, whether it involves paint, drywall, or quality wall coverings. This is because he is a fourth generation painter who was taught to do quality work by his own father and grandfather. “I started working summers before I graduated high school as an apprentice painter,” Steve recalls. “But even as a kid, my dad had me out on the driveway, folding drop cloths.”

One of the things that Steve learned from his predecessors was not to cut corners. He points out that one way painters often cut costs is by spray painting surfaces, which is quicker and uses less paint. Steve refuses to take this shortcut, using a brush for all paint jobs. He uses the example of lap siding to explain why this is so important. “If you spray paint lap siding, the ridges underneath will not get filled in with paint like they should – and they will with a brush,” he says. “If those ridges are left unprotected, they will absorb moisture like a wick, and the siding will swell and start to come apart.” Steve feels he is using his experience to help homeowners protect their investment.

A lot of people put off painting when the economy is bad, considering a paint job to be merely cosmetic. But Steve points out that not painting your home when you need it will actually cost you more in the long run. “If you don’t protect your home, you can run into other issues down the road, like wood rot,” Steve explains. “Paint protects against that.” And if you want to sell your home in the near future, a fresh paint job always adds curb appeal.

Steve Rainwater does both commercial and residential work, but he specializes in working with individual homeowners. He takes pride in his work and does the work himself, from start to finish, giving the homeowner confidence in a job well done. “Whatever I discuss with a client – color, how the work is to be done, and any issues that might come up – are all between me and the client,” says Steve. “They get my total personal attention.”

Steve is responsible for making sure that floors, furniture and personal items are protected inside the home, as well as plantings outside the home. The customer can rest assured that their possessions are protected and free from any paint spatters when the job is complete.

If you want to refresh and protect your home without the hassle and mess of doing it yourself, call Steve Rainwater today to discuss all available options. References are available on request.

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