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Paschal Studios now offers hand-painted, inexpensive murals to add pizzazz to any space.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: January 2008

Bill Paschal shows the new Builders Series murals in his studio.

You have seen them in decorator magazines and on home-decorating television shows. Most people only dream about having a beautiful mural on their backsplash or as a focal point behind their stove. As luxury products, murals have typically had price tags of $1,200 to $1,500 each. Paschal Studios is now offering that same high-end, designer look for just a fraction of the cost.

“Our new Builders Series gives kitchens, backsplashes, bar tops, counter tops, vanities and gardens the ‘wow’ factor,” says Bill Paschal, owner of Paschal Studios. The Builders Series is a line of hand-painted murals made of tumbled marble. Designs include fruits, flowers, pitchers, bread, fruit bowls, wine, chickens, street scenes, boat scenes, Tuscan views and more. And all are on display in the Paschal Studios showroom.

They are not decals. They are not transfers. Each mural is hand-painted with an aged, rustic look. A finish of several heavy duty sealers is then applied to maintain each mural’s rich coloring and protect it from the nonabrasive cleaning products that may be used to keep it clean in the future.

The average cost of a mural from Paschal Studios is $500 to $600, depending on size, with some 12-inch murals as little as $75 each. This creates the opportunity for many people to include them in their building or remodeling plans.

Have you ever found just the right design, but its colors will not work in the space being decorated? No problem. While all of Paschal Studios’ patterns are standard, customers can choose any colors for a $50 change fee. Wallpaper or fabric samples can even be used for an exact match.

Paschal recalls recent orders for one of Paschal Studios’ most popular designs, the wine alcove design. A customer asked to change the name on the wine labels to his family name. Another customer chose the same mural but asked to change the labels to reflect his favorite wines. Paschal says his artists are easy to work with and are conditioned to customers’ changes.

The Builders Series includes a wide range of mural sizes. A single 12” x 12” tile can be used as an accent or as a large focal point in a room. This is also an inexpensive way to transform a window-free area in a home into a spectacular view. Most mural orders take seven to 10 days to produce, and all work is done at Paschal Studios.

All murals can be used for indoor or outdoor applications. According to Paschal, many customers have used the murals as accents to their outdoor kitchens. Added touches, such as molding pieces, chair rails and frame molding, are also available.

Paschal has over 20 years of experience in painted tile work. He loves what he does and is always happy to take on custom work to meet a client’s specifications. Whether you are building your new dream kitchen or remodeling your existing space, Paschal and his staff are happy to help.

Stop by Paschal Studios, located one block west of Highway 169 off 51st Street, to get ideas or to just discuss your design project. Store hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends by appointment.

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