Is Your Vehicle Talking to You?

If your car’s making noises, it’s probably trying to tell you something.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Automotive | Issue: June 2014

Larry Grimm and Nathan Hayes of Team-One Automotive will diagnose those unusual sounds your vehicle is making.

Larry Grimm and Nathan Hayes of Team-One Automotive will diagnose those unusual sounds your vehicle is making.

Is your vehicle making an unusual noise that you know shouldn’t be coming from it? “Cars can make a lot of noises,” says Nate Hayes, co-owner of Team-One Automotive in Broken Arrow, “and we’ve heard them all.” Nate and his partner, Larry Grimm, started Team-One Automotive nearly six years ago. The co-owners met at an automobile dealership, became best friends and decided to open their own shop. Nate has 22 years in automotive services, and Larry has 28.  
The pair says they’ve heard cars making hisses, whizzes, whistles, scraping noises and just about any other sound you can imagine. “It’s interesting listening to a customer describe the sound their vehicle is making,” said Larry.  

“We will go for a ride with you when you’re hearing something that is obviously not normal,” said Nate.  “Noises come from the engine, belts, water pump, windows, air conditioning unit, cabin, suspension system, brakes, transmission and exhaust system, and we’re going to do our best to locate and eliminate the problem,” added Larry. “Sometimes a customer may also smell burning oil or a ‘sweet’ coolant leaking from the vehicle.”

If your brakes are making a squealing or grinding noise, please don’t ignore it. The vehicle may be unsafe to operate. If you let brakes wear down to the fins, they are much more difficult and expensive to repair. A whistling sound coming from the air conditioner may indicate that it’s low on Freon or has another issue. When you hear the noise, get your car to the shop and get it fixed.  

“Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to replace one element in a total system (like the air conditioner) when other elements should also be replaced in order to get full warranty coverage,” said Nate. “We do a thorough diagnosis for each issue so we can recommend the solution that enables us to stand behind our warranties. That’s really what customers want and expect from us.”

Team-One Automotive is a full-service automotive and diesel repair shop, and a high-performance center. They are equipped with dealer-level diagnostic scanning tools and capabilities. Their technicians are certified and trained by ASE (master technicians), and they are skilled in diagnosing and repairing annoying noises and other drivability issues our cars seem to get. “You’ve made a big investment in your car or truck,” said Larry, “and we’re going to take care of it just as we do our own.”

Next time your car is screaming to tell you something, or if you just need an oil change or other service, drop by Team-One Automotive and say hello to Nate and Larry. They are genuinely good guys and they truly know their automotive stuff.

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