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Is Your Family Safe When Tornadoes Hit?

Prepare for Oklahoma’s upcoming spring storms.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2014

Bruce Keltner’s son, Andy, experienced the EF5 tornado that hit the community of Newcastle, Okla. last May. Bruce is now the Oklahoma distributor for FamilySAFE Certified, In-home Saferooms.

Bruce Keltner’s son, Andy, experienced the EF5 tornado that hit the community of Newcastle, Okla. last May. Bruce is now the Oklahoma distributor for FamilySAFE Certified, In-home Saferooms.

Andy Keltner is a contractor and was working on a home in Newcastle, Okla. on May 20 of last year. “The sky got really dark,” said Andy, “and then the power went off. I stepped outside to see what was happening and saw the EF5 tornado that was now too close for comfort.” Andy made it to a bathtub and pulled a couple of doors over his head just as the tornado hit the home in which he was working. “The house was log construction. Its roof was ripped off and the logs were sheared off at the slab.” Andy was lucky and decided then and there that he would never again be caught in the path of a tornado without appropriately approved ­shelter.
    Andy’s father is Bruce Keltner. “Andy’s experience prompted my investigation of tornado shelters,” said Bruce. “I was so impressed with the Oklahoma-made FamilySAFE shelters that I have since become their ­distributor for the state of Oklahoma.”
    After failing in his search for an above ground shelter to protect families, the ­company’s founder realized that there were none ­available anywhere in the United States. He ­established FamilySAFE in 1998. As a pioneer in the above ground shelter ­industry, they began working directly with ­engineers at Texas Tech University and HILTI® anchorage company in an effort to build the first ­prefabricated above ground shelter that would meet EF5 standards. Today, there are FamilySAFE shelters throughout the country including Joplin, Kansas City, Little Rock and Dallas. “We believe our shelters are the safest in the industry,” said Bruce.
    FamilySAFE is the only storm shelter company endorsed and trained by HILTI. It is also the only storm shelter company that not only uses the HILTI anchor systems, but also had HILTI design the pattern, spacing and sizing for their storm shelters.  
    FamilySAFE is focused on keeping their products the best in the industry. In the year 2000, FamilySAFE was the runner-up in the Better Business Bureau’s award for marketplace ethics, and they are the only safe room ­company in the world to have a written letter of ­endorsement from HILTI, Inc. FamilySAFE technicians are trained by HILTI to ­identify the best anchor for each safe room application. Anyone can claim to use HILTI anchorage products, but only FamilySAFE has the credentials to prove it.
    It’s also worthy to note that FamilySAFE is the only company to have a person inside their unit while extreme EF5 testing was ­conducted at Texas Tech University. Call Bruce Keltner for recommendations and a free estimate before Oklahoma’s spring tornado season arrives.

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Blankenship graduated from the University of Oklahoma and has enjoyed a lifetime career in advertising. He started his own advertising business in 1993 and enjoys creating graphic art and writing. Hobbies include hunting, fishing and pencil drawings. Duane and his wife, Janice, have been married over 50 years and are active in their church and community. He has been a contributing writer for Value News/Values Magazine since 2005.

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