Is There a Key to Good Insurance Coverage?

RCI Insurance Group believes there is.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Consumer News | Issue: September 2006

Consultant, Mick Cottom has over 35 years invested in the insurance industry.

What’s the key to selecting the best insurance carrier for your diverse needs? It’s not what you might expect.

RCI Insurance Group believes there is a right approach to accessing the best insurance coverage. Their answer – choice!

Owner and Risk Consultant, Mick Cottom has been in the insurance business over 35 years, having purchased RCI in 1994. “When selecting the best insurance provider, our goal is offering clients the opportunity to choose,” Cottom states.

Customers have a much broader perspective on the insurance market as result of RCI’s representative focus. “As an independent agency we represent a variety of companies; this allows our clients to choose,” Cottom adds.

As a client of RCI your choice opportunities enable you to connect with the right coverage best suited to your insurance needs. Equally so, Cottom reminds, “Our loyalty is to you, the client and not with a certain insurance provider.”

Indications are that “brand loyalty” as relates to a particular agent could potentially cloud the deeper issues relative to a customer’s insurance needs. Cottom agrees that a client’s claim or credit history could factor into an insurance company accepting or denying them.

“At RCI Insurance Group we know the industry and are prepared to locate the variety of companies that take your circumstances into consideration and work with you,” Cottom says. With one call you’ll benefit from their experience of shopping the insurance market to link you with the accurate coverage.

Being effectively educated is another assurance that you have what’s necessary in choosing the right insurance package. Much of the confusion that surrounds insurance shopping is the numerous complexities and misconceptions that exist.

RCI Insurance Group is schooled to face those challenges. “Our commitment is to scan the available information and be prepared to educate clients so the coverage options make sense to them,” Cottom explains.

Keeping clients aware of their options and responsibilities related to their insurance coverage fits with RCI’s commitment to education. Cottom exemplifies, “Thirty-seven percent of all uncovered claims are due to lack of disclosure on the insured’s part; not letting your agent know about changes to your property, etc. so we can update your policy.”

“There’s no fear or unwillingness on our part when it comes to thoroughly educating our customers,” Cottom affirms. He further states that RCI Insurance Group’s focus on consumer education has resulted in having one book published alongside 15-20 related industry reports and being charter members of the National Society of Agents for Consumer Education.

This combination of choice and education is supported by a staff of seven licensed agent/advisors; each having a specialty in a particular area. Cottom points out that RCI Group is licensed in 42 states.

Many of the Group’s educational materials and resources are available for downloading from their website. “You can have your questions answered on a variety of insurance subject matters because we’ve done the research for your benefit,” Cottom encourages.

RCI Insurance Group will offer you choice, educated counsel and a cost effective alternative for your insurance needs. Cottom says, “We’re very competitive in price,” although admitting realistically, “When faced with making an insurance claim for whatever reason, most don’t think of their premium costs.”

“We’re an automated business with a paper-less approach to our client data,” Cottom clarifies. This enables RCI to have most of their client’s information accessible right at their fingertips to assure you of efficient, quality service.

RCI Insurance Group believes that choice truly is yours when selecting insurance coverage. They are prepared to educate while effectively connecting you with the provider that fits your unique insurance needs.

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