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Is Pain Holding You Back?

Health and wellness goals are important elements of individualized treatment at Schluter Chiropractic.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: April 2012

Dr. Jason Schluter explains results of an X-ray analysis to a patient.

Dr. Jason Schluter explains results of an X-ray analysis to a patient.

Dr. Jason Schluter was born and raised in Tulsa, and after ­graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College, he returned home to begin his ­practice at 55th and Memorial. He now serves Tulsa and ­surrounding communities, ­treating the very young (infants) to the wise using the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic.

According to Dr. Schluter, “There is more to healthcare than just prescriptions and ­surgery.” He explains that the body is designed to heal and ­regulate itself. The question often becomes, why hasn’t it? “By diagnosing and correcting the underlying cause of the pain or condition you may be experiencing, and restoring normal ­biomechanical motion that has been lost due to subluxations, we can resolve the condition in a safe, non-invasive manner through corrective adjustments to the areas in need,” says Dr. Schluter. “Specific chiropractic adjustments reduce stress and irritation placed on the nerves and return normal mechanical segmental function to the joint.” Without “static” and irritation on the nerve, the brain and body are better able to send and receive messages and ­communicate as they were designed to do.

Conditions commonly ­treated by Dr. Schluter include neck and back pain; headaches; postural alignment; conditions resulting from automobile ­accidents; hip, ankle and knee pain; sciatica; sports injuries; carpal tunnel; and disc ­herniation. Your individualized treatment will begin with a ­consultation with Dr. Schluter. You will receive a chiropractic orthopedic and neurological examination and X-rays to ­determine the cause of your problem. Dr. Schluter will then create a treatment plan ­specifically tailored for you that may include chiropractic ­adjustments and electro-acupuncture therapy, as well as physical therapy. You will also be given active care advice.

“Every patient has unique health and wellness goals,” says Dr. Schluter, “and they are an important element of your ­individual treatment.” Whether your goal is to play with your grandkids more, golf without pain, or just be “normal” again and get back to doing what you like to do, your individual goal should be something you look forward to accomplishing throughout your treatment. Just as your goals are important to you, they are equally important to Dr. Schluter.

Dr. Schluter is trained in the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic, a method used to analyze and care for the spine in a gentle, effective, and ­specific way. The chiropractor conducts a thorough analysis of your spine using five criteria to ­determine where subluxation has occurred. The method is precise and ­meticulous in both evaluating and adjusting the spine. The five criteria include visualization, instrumentation, static palpation, motion ­palpation, and X-ray analysis. Together, these give Dr. Schluter a complete picture of your spine and what is necessary to correct the problem and ­eliminate the pain and ­discomfort you are experiencing. You will receive a detailed ­explanation of the ­findings with a ­recommendation to best solve the problem and assist you in meeting your ­personal goals. Dr. Schluter takes great care to ensure a ­biomechanically correct adjustment and believes you will find the process very comfortable.

Schluter Chiropractic also offers a doctor supervised ChiroThin program designed to promote the loss of abnormal fat. It is a six-week program, and Dr. Schluter has had great ­success helping patients lose unwanted pounds.

In addition, Dr. Schluter provides one year of free ­treatment for returning U.S. ­military veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Schluter Chiropractic also treats infants for numerous problems ­including colic and reflux. “You’re never too young or too old to benefit from chiropractic treatment,” says Dr. Schluter. The clinic also provides ­comfortable payment plans, and you may be covered by insurance.


Subluxation is defined as a ­condition wherein the individual ­vertebrae in the spinal column are misplaced or moved from their natural position.


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