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Kent Kantor, owner of Grout Care of Tulsa, encourages clients to call for help when problems in their grout first appear.

By: Stephanie Reed | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2013

Grout Care of Tulsa owner Kent Kantor can make tile and grout look new again for a ­fraction of the cost of ­replacement.

Grout Care of Tulsa owner Kent Kantor can make tile and grout look new again for a ­fraction of the cost of ­replacement.

Kent Kantor has been repairing, sealing, and staining grout for over 14 years. The most common problem that locals experience in terms of grout care is timing. “It is important that you call us at the onset of a problem to decrease the overall damage to your grout and tile and decrease the overall cost of the repair,” says Kent.  

    He explains that clients tend to subscribe to the bull’s-eye ­theory. Some, though few, notice a problem and call immediately. These are the clients with ­

low-cost, fast repairs. Others notice a problem, but they decide to wait three or four months to call for a repair. These clients inevitably incur more damage during the waiting ­period, and they end up with more costly repairs. Finally, the majority of clients wait until the problem must be fixed immediately. Unfortunately, by avoiding the problem, major repairs and expenses are necessary.  

    “I can’t say it enough; call me for good, free advice. I can assess the condition of your grout, tell you what has to be done to fix the problem, and give you an overall view of the cost, but you should call at the onset of the problem,” Kent encourages. Grout Care of Tulsa specializes in four services: ­cleaning, sealing, regrouting, and applying color seals. “We ­perform these services quickly, cost effectively and correctly every time.”

    Cleaning and sealing grout and tile are simple preventative services that extend the life and look of your showers and floors. Regrouting becomes necessary when grout is badly stained or cracking and falling of showers, bathroom counters, and floors. When the grout begins to crack, your tile is exposed to water leaks and damage, allowing mold and mildew to grow behind the tiles. Not only can this be unsightly, but it also has some very detrimental health effects. Finally, color seals are an instant facelift to floors and bathrooms. Color sealing your grout will ­permanently seal your grout and make it cleanable.

    Whether you are dealing with cracked grout or heavy mildew and mold, calling early can save you a substantial amount of money. “A job that initially would cost $400 to repair can cost around $2,000 to fix after it has been put off for several months,” Kent explains. With the majority of jobs ­completed in one day and at a reasonable cost, grout care need no longer be a dreaded home repair.

    Call Kent for a free estimate at (918) 748-3030, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

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