Insure Your Garage Door with Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps keep your garage door functioning properly while increasing its lifespan.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2016

Superior Overhead Door owners Steve and Tammy Lewis offer quality products and exemplary service throughout 
northeastern Oklahoma.

Superior Overhead Door owners Steve and Tammy Lewis offer quality products and exemplary service throughout northeastern Oklahoma.

If your garage door opener has gotten excessively noisy and is creaking and groaning, it might need a checkup. Can you remember the last time you had it serviced? Superior Overhead Door owner Steve Lewis says, “Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have their garage door systems serviced until something breaks or the door falls off the hinges. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way in keeping doors operating properly and could prevent a costly repair.”
Steve recommends lubricating springs, rollers and hinges at six month intervals with a quality lubricant developed specifically for garage door systems to improve performance and extend the life on chain-, belt- and screw-driven systems. The product lubricates and protects, stops rust and corrosion, loosens frozen parts, and displaces moisture. This is something Superior Overhead Door can apply for you, or you can do it yourself.
Garage door openers usually break down during the temperature fluctuations of winter and summer, so now is a good time to have them inspected and serviced if needed. Garage door springs have a life expectancy of five to six years, and it’s better to replace them before rather than after they break. “When you do need a spring replacement,” said Tammy Lewis, “we offer the option of an extended-life spring that extends spring life from the usual 10,000 cycles (open and close) to 25,000 cycles.” The price difference is not significant and is well worth it for all the value-added benefits.
Superior Overhead Door carries CloPay® doors that are designed to complement any home. They offer multiple configurations with design options, panel designs and hardware. “CloPay has earned numerous awards for their energy efficient designs and is the only residential garage door brand backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal,” said Steve.
LiftMaster® is Superior’s brand of choice garage door opener. “They are expertly designed to operate very quietly and efficiently, and with just a little maintenance, you can keep them operating properly with the bonus of extending their life,” said Steve. “They deliver best-in-class performance and are equipped with highest quality, innovative features to simplify your life while providing peace of mind. LiftMaster is engineered to perform and built to last.” The LiftMaster Elite Series provides smooth, trouble-free operation and has built-in battery backup, ensuring access into or out of your garage even when the power is out.
Contact Superior Overhead Door for sales, installations, repairs, spring replacements, tune-ups and all related services for any garage door brand or model. You certainly wouldn’t dream of operating your car several times every day for five years without scheduled checkups and periodic maintenance! Be smart and schedule an inspection of your garage’s door opening system today. 

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